Nessa Laer's Icons and Graphics (_dreamworld) wrote,
Nessa Laer's Icons and Graphics

BrushSet 05// 8 Hand Drawn Flowers

These were made from various flowers I drew with my new wireless tablet... I'm really no good at drawing, and drawing flowers is something that I really shouldn't try to do! But when have I ever done what I'm supposed to do! *g*

At first I was going to make these too for icon use only, but in the end I decided against it. The sizes varies around 300px. They can be used in wallpapers and in other bigger art works as well as in icons.

This set was made with PS7 and it includes both .abr and stamp files.

[x] Credit _dreamworld in keywords
[x] Comment if taking
[x] My resources
[x] No stealing and/or hotlinking

download image back and .abr file here (deviant art)
Tags: brush, resources
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