Nessa Laer's Icons and Graphics (_dreamworld) wrote,
Nessa Laer's Icons and Graphics

The love for the movie visualizations

I have a selected few movies that I like just for their unique visualization, just some neat tricks in coloring and surprising camera angles... it's all in the details. The actual movie might suck but I may still like it, just because of the little details...

The Jacket is one of them... I associate the whole movie with the colour green and gold.

The second one is Sin City. Quite a boring movie for one who hasn't read any of the comics but the coloring of the movie, and the whole comicness of it, it's just brilliant!

Wimbledon. I like some of the camera angles, like the one that follows with the ball, and the "time" slowing down and then speeding up again, that is just so beautiful.

Kill Bill vol.1 was actually the first movie I took the liking for for it's visualization, this one really got me started. The anime, the whole black and white effect and the vision in red... do I need to say anything more?

For now these are the only movies I remember liking for their visuals... but I sure will be finding more sometimes in the future! *g*
Tags: kill bill, movies, sin city, the jacket, wimbledon

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