Death by words.


13 January
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Kasi, Kasandra, Kasi-lee, Kasi-loo, Sandra, Sandy, Jellybean


Brown/orange hair that's too long and never neat

*Sees the world thru*

Big blue eyes, hidden under bangs that need to be cut...

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♥~Too Much Info~♥

My full name is Kasandra Lee Oren. I'm a fourth german, a fourth irish, and two fourths a bunch of other stuff. I absolutely adore the colors orange, brown, and red. Carl is my love. He annoys the shit out of me sometimes, but without him I'm seriously nothing. I'm told to be funny and known to go all out in everything (whether it's my "style" or attitude, i don't hold back). I'm only 13, yes I know I'm young, and my birthday is January 13th; which has landed my birthday on Friday the 13th a few times before. I have a very depressive side and could go on for hours of all the problems in my life, but I choose not to. I don't let others know what I'm feeling; as in truly feeling (not the "omg i hate you" crap). I'm known to be poetic and a pretty decent writer. I try to pretend nothing can bother me, but truth be told, nearly everything annoys me. I'm have a tendency to get jealous over anything and everything. My best friends forever and ever are Michelle Noel, and Ariel Dominguez. My friends keep me going from day to day. My family doesn't care for me. They dislike me and tell me I'm rebellious; not to mention they accuse me of doing unspeakable things. But I love them. I love old movies and TV shows. I watch old cartoons as much as possible. I fall in love with songs. I don't actually fall in love/like easily. I have a very rough exterior, and my interior isn't known to many. I'm a hopeless romantic and a helpless dreamer. I get bored easily. I get incredible headaches when I'm depressed. I'm a grammar nazi. I love reading (my favorite books include Identy-Dean Koontz, Lovely Bones-I forgot the author +manymany more). I love movies (old classics are love).

-=+Pet Peeves+=-
•Nasty Teeth • Stinky breath • People who try to act tough but aren't • People who lie to impress others • People who act like they're something they're not • Burnt food • Lieing in general • My parents (sometimes) • When people lead you on • Words that are too strong • When people try to be funny, but they aren't • +a ton more.

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