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Things I don't remember...

8 January
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I'm a DJ, a geek, vegan, gay, squatter and I'm very complicated but entertaining. I also just started posting again after 5 years. Feel free to read my LJ. You won't regret it.

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!!!, 28 days later, adult, arab on radar, bear vs. shark, belle and sebastian, black eyes, black heart procession, blood of the poet, blood red, blue velvet, blur, boozing, bruce labruce, burning airlines, captured by robots, catheters, chinese stars, choking victim, chromeo, chubby bunny, coach whips, coyote hoods, david lynch, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead low tide, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, demented are go, desperate living, dirty sanchez, dj, dj qbert, dumpster diving, el topo, elkland, elliot smith, erase errata, eraserhead, femme fatality, fifi murmur, film, fischerspooner, form of rocket, fucktards, gg allan, gold chains, gorillaz, gravy train!!!, handsome boy modeling school, hepcat, invisibl skratch piklz, j5, jean cocteau, jets to brazil, john waters, joy zipper, junior boys, juno, kenneth anger, koyaanisqatsi, leftover crack, leonard cohen, les savy fav, lightning bolt, lovage, luis bunuel, lyrics born, mad sin, maximo park, maya deren, mc paul barman, melt bananna, meshes of the afternoon, miss kitten, mix master mike, modest mouse, modey lemon, moldy peaches, mona, moon 69, morningwood, morphine, mothlight, moving units, nekromantix, neon hunk, numbers, pattern is movement, peaches, pedro the lion, pink flamingos, planet funk, pleasure forever, point line plane, portishead, prima donnas, pulp, queers, quintron, radical queers, radio 4, scissor sisters, scorpio rising, scratching, scream club, six string samuri, sneaker pimps, squatting, stan brakhage, starmy, stenciling, the cramps, the cremaster cycle, the dandy warhols, the dismemberment plan, the faint, the gadjits, the gossip, the heaters, the international noise conspiracy, the locust, the lost patrol, the magnetic fields, the murder city devils, the raveonettes, the slackers, the strokes, the vanishing, the wolfgang press, tiger army, tom waits, track star, trail of the dead, turntablism, tv on the radio, ugly cassanova, un chien andalou, veganism, vegans, wavelength, wesley willis, wild zero, wolf parade, wong kar-wai, yo la tengo