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Last weekend was the most.. interesting? one I've had in ages :P

Again, bullet points, for I am lazy. Will try to update more, but stuff keeps happening and taking my mind off LJ, but I do read your journals;

- My heart racing thing came back last week at work.
- I went to hospital at 10pm, and fuckkkk, my heart was racing at 200-220 bpm. HAd to be transferred to Carlisle hospital by ambulance. Very.Dramatic.Indeed XD
- Given a drug called Adesosine which slowed it down to about 110bpm.
- Admitted to an emergency admissions ward to stay overnight. Barely got any sleep due to hooked up to a heart monitoring thing.
-Talked to a doctor in the morning, got told I have a heart condition, he called it "Supraventricular Tachycardia" I have a short circuit in my heart which keeps shooting off fast heart rates every now and then. It can be corrected though, by an operation, or prevented by drugs. Got sent home at 10am.

Now people are treading on eggshells around me, like I'm dying :\ Its sort of silly cause I'm fine. End of college this week :O This first year has gone so fast, can't wait for the second one though. Will passed his driving test, which is great in many ways. How's everyone?
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