Becki (_drainedheart_) wrote,

I haven't fallen off the edge of the world.. Honest XD

Guess I just haven't been bothered to update, I've been pretty busy with:

; College in general, assignments and all that shite. Finishing on the 17th June!
; Being exhausted, not sleeping properly :\ Meaning I come home from college/work placement/etc and sleep.
; Trying to sort out seeing Will, just got back today from his today after a 3 week wait. <3 him.
; Work - turns out two of the women I work with are bitching about each other ;O Its crazy.

Also, my parents & sister are going to Corfu on the 4th July - 11th July. And I'm staying here, so yeah, weeklong fuckfest with Will xD Of course, we'll be doing other things, planning a girly night out as well around that time for my birthday.

So thats it, hope everyones okay <3
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