Becki (_drainedheart_) wrote,

Man, I havent updated in a while, so yeah its about time for one ;P

My computer got sent off last week and the thing was filled with virus & spyware, it was fucked to say the least.. So it got wiped and I lost ALL my work :\ I was pissed off at the time but I'm okay now I suppose. I just hope I don't lose any assignments between now and the end of my second year. I'm happy though, my computer is running like it's brand new.

Things have been really good lately, its only about a month til I finish college and I have alot planned, need to sort out my 18th too, thats not that far away. Trying to plan me & Wills holiday as well. Our relationship is going great too, we went down to Mayday last Monday and had a lot of fun, met up with my mates and it was great.

I'll try & update more often, also I should really comment more. I'll try. Hope everyones okay x
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