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Right, so for the majority of this week I've been decorating my bedroom & its now half done, we just need to paper two walls and paint them. My room looks great so far, its a great change from the shitty orange wallpaper. Although when I glossed the wood in my room, it fucking stunk and i had to sleep in there with the windows wide open :| I got my furry throw out of the cupboard so I was alright. Last night I went to bed without my curtains up so I was awake as soon as the sun rose. I need a serious lie-in, but my body clock likes to wake me up at 9am now.

Other than that, I haven't been doing much at all. I need to get my arse in gear and get my assignment done for the first day back at college, I think I'll wait til next week though cause I'm fucking off to Wills again this Saturday most likely so I won't be able to concentrate :P

Wow, my lifes exciting as per usual, haha. Well I'll try to comment a fair bit more when I can.

Some of my friends-list are feeling angry and all that, hope they feel better soon. Hope everyone is okay, in general.
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