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Will left today, meh.. :\ I miss him alot already. He left a tshirt by accident which will act as a comforter I suppose.

He has a Nintendo DS, and I found myself playing on it alot.. Especially WarioWare:Touched. Fucking class game. I myself am wanting an XBox at the moment so I can play some XBox exclusive games for once.

I am decorating my room! Still deciding on the colour but its going to be done soon, I'm excited.

Didn't get my belly button pierced due to illness :\ The place I get piercings done don't like to poke holes in you unless you're feeling well & I wasn't feeling well.

I need to make my Depo appointment for May so I can definetely get an appointment.

I bought one of those laced camisoles on Tuesday, its gorgeous..

I think I look really tired in the second pic XD Not much difference between the two pics, mind you.

I have alot to say, but I can't be bothered to express myself so I'll leave it for another day. It's just love related stuff, things are just getting better in my relationship.. Thats all I want to say <3

Hope everyones okay :)
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