Cristina (_dragoness_) wrote,

Christmas Eve Thoughts:

Christmas Eve Thoughts:

1. I love my friends.

2. Why does it make me jealous to see the boy I am so over with his new girlfriend? I don't even like him. Gah.

3. Why are relationships so hard and so up and down and so wonderful and amazing and good and hellish and crying and laughing and giddy and heartbreaking? Seriously.

4. Why do boys mature later than girls? It is frustrating.

5. I like having a job and being able to buy people lots of pretty things.

6. Seeing how short money in my house is and seeing my parents fight and drink more and more (My mom called my dad an alcoholic today... after she had 3 cosmopolitans before 6 pm.) It also makes me feel for those familys without a house or Christmas or even dinner on the table.

7. I may hate to admit it sometimes, but I am blessed.

8. 2 years ago tonight I realized just how much I love a certain Adam Rhodes... and just how embarrassing hickeys are.

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