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I stayed home from school today. My dad's all pissed about it, for no reason.

Last night, I went downtown with Alicia. On our way home, she got a hamburger at BK and they forgot to put pickles on it, and she like loves them.
SO, we stopped at Subway on the way home and asked for some pickles, hahaha.

Me and Katie are talking again, but idk, maybe we should take a break or something. Every time we go to make plans, they're always so complicated, and I hate that.

But whatevaaaa, I'm just going to stay coo with people and stop fighting. If you're going to be an asshole, just leave me alone. Idc.

I keep updating in this journal because I need to know a new name d00dz. Like help me.

I was thinking



Idk HELP ME. Something serious or cute. No__'s or anything. HELP! :] And I will add you guys, so like don't worry about having to comment and shit. I'm not being difficult this time.

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I went to Friendly's with chris celia katie and roslyn on sunday. Then, we went to celia's and wrote horrible songs about people we hated.

Today I went to celia's after school with roggle and katie. We watched hedwig and the angry inch. It was really cool/good.

I just came home and my dad was like don't let the cat outside, he's going to try to get out. And I was trying to keep him in, but he got out. And he says "you really fucked that one up" I'm like wtf is your problem. I hate him.

Now I am going to have a horrible night. I hate peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.