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Slytherin Prince

5 June 1980
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Draco Malfoy


Is that her.. in the VIP line,
With the Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent?
Used to drive a Nissan, now she in a Beamer...
Well I don’t want ‘er, cause she from the corner.
And I heard that Beamer was a loaner,
Her old man, the owner,
And don't even drink Corona's!
What type of drink you want, bruh?
On champagne forever.
On dirty sprite forever.
You can come sip with me,
If you’d like to change the weather.
If you wanna live better,
We can buy a crib, where ever.
Don’t get too thirsty, get used to this cheddar.
I wanna tell the world about you just so they can get jealous,
And if you see her before I do, tell her I wish that I’ve met her.

hl_lives Golden Snitch Awards:

Year One:

hogwart_life Superlatives:
Draco Malfoy, voted "Best Hair".
Gloria, voted "Funniest PRer".
"Hawt D/H sex" voted "Best Plot".