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its amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy

i'm just a girl~ in love. <33
16 October
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my newest project, my community.. join it. love it.

alcohol, alica keys, america's next top model, ashlee simpson, audrey hepburn, basketball, beatboxing, being independent, being on top, black men, brunettes, california, chocolate, cigarettes, clothes, clubbin, clubs, concerts, courtney love, courvoisier, cristal, dancing, deep thoughts, desperate housewives, diets, dreams, driving, exhibitionism, exotic dancers, extreme makeover: home edition, fashion, fast cars, flowers, giving lapdances, graphics, guitar, hairstyle, hand-cuffs, hole, hot baths, html, hypnotiq, icons, intellectual conversations, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, jolly ranchers, kevin hill, kickboxing, kids, kisses, kissing girls, kissing in the rain, kurt cobain, late night tv, lingerie, linkin park, lipgloss, louis vuitton, love, ludacris, makeup, making people smile, marilyn monroe, marriage, memphis, men, men with accents, movies, music, my handwriting, nautica, new york city, newports, nibbling, nirvana, omar epps, one tree hill, partying, photography, piano, piercings, pink, plane rides, poetry, politics, pool, praying, r&b, rain, rap, recipes, relationships, romantic getaways, roses, rough sex, satin, scary movies, seduction, sex, sex and the city, shoes, short skirts, singing, spirituality, storms, street racing, strip clubs, stripper poles, suicide prevention, tattoos, the o.c., theatre, thunder, trading spouses, traveling, true love, trust, turning guys on, urban legends, usher, viva la bam, vodka, volunteering, websites, wet seal, whipped cream, working out, writing, yoga