im half asleep =)

wow im so happy miss taylor was our coach today. she is so much more disciplined than dan ever was.

aww today was picture for my sister. she made me straighten her hair last night. im so tired. i got 4 hours of sleep.

question of the day?
has anything ever felt so right that you know its meant to be?

"the cool points are out the windwow and im all twisted up in the game." haha thats from bringing down the house for those of you who havent seen it. =)

peace out
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afterschool i had to go to 3 doctor appointments. yuckk! so i went in for accutane...they are upping my dose to 60mg instead of 40mg. yay im happy about that. i got more stuff for my face, cuz ew acne suckks. so then it was off to my dentist appt. fuckin yess!! i ahev 2 MORE cavitities! then back to the doctors for a blood test. ew.

so then i went to get pants at fashion channel...some1 paid me a visit...guess who?!?! yay...not really.

me and russell are buddies for spanish! yahoo.

im soo tired and i havent started my paper due tomorrow. somebody help me.

danielle overton fucking owns the world biitches!...oh forgot...she owns it with me.
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my volleyball coach quit!! yahooo. sooo happy. im sure everyone is...even the other coaches were happy. =) w00p w00p. now we have jamie. i hope she is a good coach. ive barley had a practice with her, so i donno how she coaches.

busby's class was awesome today. what a great teacher. i think i learned more today than i have in history last year. wow. biology is soo effing borringg. me and jackie made a new friend haha. her name is amanda and shes a senior. shes our lab partner or whateverr. soo much bio homework. ew.

spanish tomorrow! yay! my name is daniela haha nad marissa is maria...with a little tang to it. haha sounds cool...soo hmm this was a way boring entry. i just really wanted to say that my coach quit and thats basically it. i always go off. sorry im doing that now.. haha ok byee
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the problems of a teenage life come by faster and faster.
passing one by one like a speeding train
knowing that one time you wont slip up
but realizing that all you can do is fall.
wanting to stop but cant find a way to
all you think of is that one way to end it all
a quick jump and all your problems erased
but are you willing to make that ultimate mistake
the mistake to end all your feeling for the ones you love
what to do. the draw bridge is opening
this is your chance. and you run away from the bridge a new person
while you were up there you realized that killing yourself is a selfish way of saying goodbye
to think how close you were from ending it all. the teenage life

-Josh Roth

wow. he is an amazing writer. what do you guys think of this? i want everyone's input. mmk thnx =)
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got my new computer =) its pretty!! flat screen hp! i owe my parents $500. eeeks. we made a deal to split it. my sister got the same one. i think i wanna sell my laptop. soo uhh if ur interested, lemme know.

tomorrow = beach. uhh yea hope thatll be fun.

i have an overwhelming amount of homework to do. my dad wont stop bugging me about it =( i guess thats what im doing tonight. funn
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lazy night. should be fun. getting my b-e-a-u-tiful computer first thing tomorrow. you have no idea how excited i am lol. im a dork like that =)

napoleon is god. i have that song kip sings to lafawnduh at the end of the movie stuck in my effing head though! urgh haha

grandparents house tomorrow at 3ish...yay...not really though.

beach on monday con mi familia y overton. well if overton is still coming that is.

hmm yea im just way bored.

oh brandon sampson is back. coool. and i have 2 classes with him. even cooler. hope we become good friends again. that would be tiiight.

oh for busbys class, i have to write about 3 events that have happened in the past year that i think should be put into history books. can you think of anything besdies the war?

o yea since im bored, enlighten me with a good quote or just something funny. pleeease =)
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school is been nothing but awesome as i hoped with just a couple of little problems here and there. no biggie. classes with all my friends. yay! =) i have class with caily overton hah.

we got volleyball jerseys and bags last night. im number 13! yay! thats what i wanted last year but uhh yea it was taken. so this year i got it. so happy about that. lucky 13! w00p w00p.

i went to the football scrimage last night. that was cool. saw my bball coach there with his family and ran into a bunch of friends. after the game, me lauren and danyelle hung out with brandon chano antwone and eva..3/4 of them were funny. duuude clarence! MY nigga. haha way too many laughs. we decided not to watch the sandlot afterall. i think i had more fun just beng a loser than i would have watching the sandlot. uhh i attempted the rockaway. then chano showed me how and then i made a loser outta myself, but who cares it was funny.

i got home at like 940. i called it a night. i was exhausted anyhow. i went to bed before 11 on a friday night. i needed that more than anything. woke up for a final time at like 11ish. good thing. im hanging out with alana and danyelle today. this should be funn!!

sry this was so boring. if u have to say anything, do it on my last post. mmk thnx =)
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volleyball has been...well, interesting is a good word. its run a lot different this year. i sometimes miss the way latoya dealt with the program. i dont agree completely with the way im learning volleyball this year. for any1 who thinks im complaining right now, im not. im frustrated and i need to let this out. sound good? good! so as u all know, agoura cant afford a top of the line coaching staff for volleyball. but then again, what are coaches if they are in it just or the money? arent they suppossed to love the sport and love coaching it? i have heard some rumors. i reallly hope they arent true, but then again rumors usually arent true. the other day my coach mentioned something. ill quote him. "by the end of the season, you girls should be able to take what i teach you and be able to teach any1 how to play volleyball." my first thought was, why would i wanna teach any1 to play volleyball? then i thought more and i really thought about it. im not sposed to be teaching volleyball, im sposed to be playing. thats what im here for, right? right. we have a whole new lineup. we will get it eventually. its way frsutrating learning it and everyone is stressing about me. im bitching up a storm as usual, well at least i think i am. everyone is. im really trying my hardest to not complain to the coach. i dont wanna be that kind of player. i wanna work my hardest so that maybe i could start. that would be cool. i started today as a passer. i surprised myself. i didnt do half bad. i think i did better front row, but hey im more used to it. BROSH: ill let you know, youre setting is improving more and more each day. im so proud of you for sticking with it!! remember i discovered you! haha. we have a new freshman on our team. taylor is her name. she plays basketball too. shes pretty good at vball, but i havent seen her play bball yet. im happy shes playign with us though. itll be awesome.

ok enough about sports. so, im getting my computer on saturday, or do u think i should wait til sunday to see if there is a better deal?

saturday morning practice got cancelled. yahooo only bc it was so early and i wouldnt be able to function. so i need to find somehting to do. ahora! football scrimage tomorrow and movie afterwards! yay.

i LOVE school. my teachers are great (except for ramirez). i have a bunch of friends in each class. its just going so well. me and lauren were talking before and we both wish we could stay sophmores forever and have every1 else stay the same grade too. we made so many new friends and to think they are leaving in a little less than a year is just ludacris!
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yay for school tomorrow!!

im gonna be a poserface =)

Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty.
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k well summer ended well for me, kinda. some things didnt go so great. but, all in all, it ended well.

i cant wait for school to start =)

you ppl never sent me pictures when i asked for them!! i need pics for my binders! i have 5 of them lol, so that means i need lots of pictures, so post pix on here! pleeeease

overtons LJ has soo many pix! take a look. username = 0vert0n

i went to the beach tonight. that was niice. i wish all the ppl that originally said they were gonna go went. it would have been much more fun. whatev, shit happens =)
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