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jeezus freaking crist! I LOVE STEPHANIE CAPRETTA

she is too awesome! well today we had a game against newbury. i couldnt play the first game because i was sick yesterday and couldnt practice =( but in the second i played and i guess i played pretty well.

me and stephanie had a talk on the way home. i realized how big of a loser i am haha. well kinda not really. i hope everything works out for the best =) that would be too cool. id be the happiest person alive!!!

alright thats all. peace outt mothafuckas!!

oh yea. heres a cool pic me and connor took in english today haha

what thugss

E D I T :
i cut my wrists for you tonight. i know its what you want to see, want to make things better and easier for everyone. just getting in the way of the selfishness of my loved ones.dont promise something you can never give, and for you that promise is love, putting nothing over something much more significant than the simplisties of life. goodbye tonight, my own selfish way of saying gooddbye

josh poem of the week
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