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Although it may feel as if you are moving into a more playful and spontaneous stage in your life, today still has residual emotional weight. Your work or love partner may be trying to control you in ways that you don't appreciate. It's not quite on the surface, so it can be difficult to deal with. Do whatever you can to bring up your feelings of anger or resentment, but speak your mind with kindness. Hang in there, for it really is going to get a whole lot better.

oh vey. i really do hope it gets better. and love partner...what love partner? is any1 good at interpreting these things? lemme know =)

i kinda have my eye on someone...but i dont even know at all haha
jeez im such a loser. i wanna get to know him though =)

p.s. i had a verry interesting night. the forgotten is so crazii!!
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