GOLDBERG (_dorkii) wrote,

Sitting. waiting. the end will come. friends going to hell and im along for the ride. blood splattered pasts. broken homes. My shattered beliefs that one day we would still be alive. The harsh realities that this will never be okay again. This symbol on my hand has lost all meaning, the words that have stopped me so many times are dying. The faces of the past are coming back to me, these feelings are never fading. Table tops of pillow talk memories. Call it a feeling, the way that it will all end. I might be overreacting, but losing friends, but losing your best friend. The longing, the wish that this will never end. To see all your smiling faces again. The anger that whelms my mind, and there are so many things that I will never forget about. And it doesn't get any worse than this, never worse I promise. The insides dead. Losing it all. No friends. The blade never looked so sweet. Maybe bloodshed will stop the words I’d weep. only time will tell. But the Flames are getting hotter. Burning the skin from my bones. The gates of hell on the horizon and I say "time to die". Maybe bloodshed will forgive the past.

josh poem for the week. he is writing =)
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