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jeezus freaking crist! I LOVE STEPHANIE CAPRETTA

she is too awesome! well today we had a game against newbury. i couldnt play the first game because i was sick yesterday and couldnt practice =( but in the second i played and i guess i played pretty well.

me and stephanie had a talk on the way home. i realized how big of a loser i am haha. well kinda not really. i hope everything works out for the best =) that would be too cool. id be the happiest person alive!!!

alright thats all. peace outt mothafuckas!!

oh yea. heres a cool pic me and connor took in english today haha

what thugss

E D I T :
i cut my wrists for you tonight. i know its what you want to see, want to make things better and easier for everyone. just getting in the way of the selfishness of my loved ones.dont promise something you can never give, and for you that promise is love, putting nothing over something much more significant than the simplisties of life. goodbye tonight, my own selfish way of saying gooddbye

josh poem of the week
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new LJ

hey i made a new LJ. its friends only.


comment to be added and you must add me first =)

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smilee =)

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Although it may feel as if you are moving into a more playful and spontaneous stage in your life, today still has residual emotional weight. Your work or love partner may be trying to control you in ways that you don't appreciate. It's not quite on the surface, so it can be difficult to deal with. Do whatever you can to bring up your feelings of anger or resentment, but speak your mind with kindness. Hang in there, for it really is going to get a whole lot better.

oh vey. i really do hope it gets better. and love partner...what love partner? is any1 good at interpreting these things? lemme know =)

i kinda have my eye on someone...but i dont even know him...like at all haha
jeez im such a loser. i wanna get to know him though =)

p.s. i had a verry interesting night. the forgotten is so crazii!!
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smilee =)

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k so we had our first home game today. didnt win. i got a block and i think 2 hits. im sad bc my megan "mdizzle" nagasawa is out for 2 weeks. my coach wants me to play back row now. eeks. whatevv i can do it! k well here is josh poem/story of the week:

"But doctor…… is there anything you can do" " I’m sorry. But there is nothing I can do for you" . and I walked out of the office. A dead man walking. He told me I have a day to live no longer. Who to see, who to say goodbye to. I look at the blue sky and I never took advantage of the sight of the great blue. Smelling the flowers and trees. I get into my car Just sitting there with the car running thinking where to go. " I will go to my loves house." I mumble to myself. Watching everything go in slow motion. The children walking down the street to the bird mid flight. I took everything for advantage, this life is amazing everything is amazing. Everything, and I know that I will miss this place." I think to myself. " I wish I had a childhood to remember. Its sad that I went through life and school being a no one. I hope people will remember". And then it hit me, the thought of being forgotten. Being no one in 10 years erased from everyone’s mind. And I started to cry, for the rest of the ride there I took advantage of the time I had in the car. Watching people, the scenery. I pull up to the house, I knock on the door knowing she is home but hoping she wont answer. She opens the door and sees my bloodshot eyes " what’s wrong hunny?" " you should sit down, Kelly, I found out today ………… that this will be the last day on this earth, the last day with you. Forever" " what do you mean where are you going" says Kelly. "look, the doctor told me that I will not live longer than a day, I love you. And I want to spend the rest of it with you, so my last memory is of you. Kelly your love has means everything to me. You face brings mine to a smile. I would die for you…………. And I am". Kelly breaks down. Crying at my feet. " I’m sorry. I love you" I said to her. She got up and hugged me and we didn’t leave that spot for an hour. I collapsed on the spot, still in her arms. And that was it the end and the last thing I saw was the face of the one I love……………………. And my love will be for forever.

freaking sad stuff. well i learned a lot tonight how great some friends arent =)
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looking away

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why am i so tense all the time? all i want is to feel more relaxed.
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