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another post! [
December 10th, 2008 @ 3:08pm
[ mood | blank ]

mmmkay sticking to my posting promise here
unfortunately i can;t get into my friend paniwi's site anymore because i don't update my lj ;)
so i'm changing it now. I'm at school now, waiting for a meeting we planned at 15.30
and afterwards i'm going to a travis concert! :D
oh i made some really cool coffeecup & flyer designs for our school project so i may put them
(or a picture of em) on here ^^
for now i'm off to work on school again tho, so see ya around!
(icons still coming)


sorryyyy! [
December 9th, 2008 @ 12:16pm
[ mood | hopeful ]

hello everyone!
I'm sorry i haven't posted anything for aages and my website kind of died,
but school's keeping me kinda busy with other websites&projects
I will make my site more agreeable i promise! (i just have to find the time..)
hmm ah well, for regular updates n all go to my
deviantart page dop12.deviantart.com
I am writing a post-it to myself now to post some avvies here ;)
so you can look fw to that
allrighty, i'm off now





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