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Jim & Pam

What is a Jim?

Why are two of my TV boyfriends hanging out at a hockey game without me?

And is this not the best thing to ever grace your eyeballs???!

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(Disregard annoying Perez-ness)
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pam crying

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ugh miserable today.

woke up with extreme pain in my knee. coulnd't bend my leg, couldn't straighten it. i have to keep it angled somewhere in the middle. so much for being productive.. i've sat around and watched tv all day. i've discovered "beverly hills 90210" and it is a force to be reckoned with.. i had never seen it before since i was too young.. still watching nickelodeon.. now i've graduated to The-N. new degrassi <3

and it's sooo fucking hot, and my AC doesn't work. i called the office maintenance people today around noon and they still haven't gotten here. my toilet is broken too :-/ now i have a headache. lkflakjfadksaj

so much for a nice weekend off.
JAM &lt;3


wow,.. just wow.
the office = <3<3<3
best season finale of any show, ever. they could have thrown us fans around like ragdolls (aka like they usually do in finales) but they were so good to us! i screamed and cried for like 10 minutes. the worst part? it's past midnight and mike is asleep hahaha. such a dork but god. season 3 dvd needs to come out NOW.
i hate that none of my friends watch/like the show. sometimes it's great to have someone to obsess about things with!

anyway, my week has been crazy. i worked wednesday from 5am-1:30. came home and wrote an essay. today (thurs) i had a final at noon. i had to go turn in the essay and take a short 10-question quiz. did that, turned in my grad check (officially graduation may 2008!), then went straight to work. worked until 10. came home, watched scrubs finale and office finale, both an hour long. now i have to finish a quick essay for my online class, which is due at noon tomorrow. only i have to work from 6am-2:30 tomorrow. so i have to get it done tonight. and it's after midnight so.. i guess i'm just a glutton for punishment. it's ok, i have energy drinks in the fridge. and i have tomorrow night off so that's good.

i'm definitely treating myself to a professional back massage in the next few weeks. mmm..
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Mitch- Following my dreams

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the office was so good tonight.
season 3 dvd needs to come out like, yesterday. (i know, there's still like 3 or 4 more eps to air) :(

but antm was lame. didn't watch idol yet but i heard about it. house rocked, it made me cry. and HEROES, omg.

i made bitchin green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese casserole.. the best evers. so stuffed. so oniony.

i had a whole list of schoolwork to work on tonight but all i did was have my best friend over and get drunk and cook and watch tv. i'm sooo burnt out on school. so much to do. i just want to hole up until it's over. it's killing me. i'm going to see an adviser from the health science department on tues to see if a minor will work out for me, because i really htink it'll benefit me, but if i have to take a bunch of pre-reqs..i don't knw what i'll do.

i've never watched a full episode of 30 rock but i'm sure i'd like it..
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JAM &lt;3

wednesdays are the new tuesdays

too much goodness tonight.. LOST, ANTM season premiere, girls night on AI.. i'm in fucking heaven. too bad i have to work until 10, but no sweat. DVR allows for maximum fast-forwarding-rewinding-pausing pleasure <3<3

back to work..
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