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2 classes down. 3 to go. that last final (this afternoon) was a bitch. the teacher didn't give any guidance on what or how to study and the questions were extremely specific and tricky. oh well.. looks like i'm heading for mostly B's this semester but it's alright.

happy mom day
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JAM <3

MCR pics

Here's some pics from the MCR show we went to on Sunday. Again, I hate my camera, but I did the best I could for those who are interested :)

We missed Rise Against which I was a little upset about. It's the second time I've had tickets to see them and gotten there right as their set ended. We thought there would be a third band playing because MCR & RA were supposed to be co-headliners.. yet RA only played for 30 mins!

The show was good, but they were a little ridiculous with all the special effects. Someone should tell them that they really don't need strobe lights, explosions and pyrotechnics.. in fact, I personally think that stuff is pretty tacky. It definitely took away from their performance for me. But what I was REALLY unimpressed with was the venue itself. The staff were extremely unorganized and pretty much incompetent. They didn't know which way was up and were picking and choosing what they wanted to be strict about regarding seating. Drunken college kids? Oh sure, do what you want. Family of four with 2 young kids? Sorry, you're going to have to move- even though it's the 3rd-to-last song of the night.

Anyway, on with the pics!
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JAM <3


Fuck this, I'm starting over. Goddamn LJ cut..
SO. Here's some pics from AFI last night.. I lightened them as much as I could but my camera sucks so they're not super great.

Fly Away, Fairy Davey!
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