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Beatles - Abbey Road

tonight we drink to you

i am the luckiest girl in the world. i went and saw incubus tonight and just.. wow. easily one of my favorite concerts. i wish it had been longer though. brandon boyd has amazing control over his vocals. it's very impressive and i'm pretty much in love with him now.

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MCR pics

Here's some pics from the MCR show we went to on Sunday. Again, I hate my camera, but I did the best I could for those who are interested :)

We missed Rise Against which I was a little upset about. It's the second time I've had tickets to see them and gotten there right as their set ended. We thought there would be a third band playing because MCR & RA were supposed to be co-headliners.. yet RA only played for 30 mins!

The show was good, but they were a little ridiculous with all the special effects. Someone should tell them that they really don't need strobe lights, explosions and pyrotechnics.. in fact, I personally think that stuff is pretty tacky. It definitely took away from their performance for me. But what I was REALLY unimpressed with was the venue itself. The staff were extremely unorganized and pretty much incompetent. They didn't know which way was up and were picking and choosing what they wanted to be strict about regarding seating. Drunken college kids? Oh sure, do what you want. Family of four with 2 young kids? Sorry, you're going to have to move- even though it's the 3rd-to-last song of the night.

Anyway, on with the pics!
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Fuck this, I'm starting over. Goddamn LJ cut..
SO. Here's some pics from AFI last night.. I lightened them as much as I could but my camera sucks so they're not super great.

Fly Away, Fairy Davey!
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poor & happy

i am.. crazy.
just bought tickets to see my chemical romance + rise against (!!!!!)
why? i can't afford that! lol. i don't care though. it's just a little debt.. no big deal.. it'll be worth it!
i fucking love living here. the music scene is fantastic.
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Foo Fighters
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Papa Roach
30 Seconds to Mars
I'm going ♥

happy birthday bff!

p.s. patd @ wednesday :D
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i just got back from the coolest concert! this guy at work had an extra ticket for this show show at the house of blues, sunset strip and asked me if i'd go. it was mc lars, riddlin kids, american hi-fi and bowling for soup. traffic was really bad so we only made it for american hi-fi's last 3 songs and bowling for soup. AHF was really bad. i'd never listened to bowling for soup, and john said he wasn't really a fan but hey we drove all the way there, we should stay to get our money's worth. they turned out to be so freaking good! it was probably the most entertaining show i'd been to in a long time. the singer had such a cool personality and i was cracking up the whole time.

the next two days are going to be super busy.
store meeting @ chloe-brea 9am.
class 12-3:50 (midterm :P)
work chloe 5-9

store meeting @ INO 8am
work chloe 10-4
work INO 5-10

sunday is my last day at in n out! i'm so excited. it's gonna be weird not working there anymore but hopefully it will be a lot better for me. and who knows, maybe someday if i'm really desperate for cash i'll go back. they do pay really well. anyway, i'm extremely tired and should be asleep.. but topher grace is on conan and he's reeeeally cute. sigh. ok,i'm going to bed. goodnight, and don't forget to comment even if it's just to say hi! :)
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I'm having such a good weekend!

Last night (Friday) Mike and I went to Hollywood to see the incredible Bad Religion. Though the doors opened at 6:30, we didn't even leave his apt. until after 7:30. We got there and paid the ridiculous $12.50 for parking and got searched by 3 different people. I'd had to pee since Anaheim so I headed straight for the bathroom but was distracted by loud screams and Overture.. Turns out the minute we entered the venue was the minute they took the stage. I put my bladder on hold and ran into the crowd.

The Palladium isn't the greatest place to see a band, the acoustics aren't that great and it's pretty much all one level which makes it hard to see, especially for me being 5'4" standing in the very back. Mike offered to put me on his shoulders but I turned him down in fear of his health. I didn't want him to break his back before the end of Sinister Rouge. After a few (amazing) songs I could see perfectly between from these two girls who were just having the best time ever. Somehow all the BROs ended up behind us and started a mini-moshpit, which only resulted in my right arm being covered in beer. And why is it that only large, sweaty, shirtless drunk guys are the ones who need to get the closest to me? Disgusting. And people can be so rude. Do not try to force yourself inbetween my boyfriend and I, especially when we are holding hands. Dumbass.

Anyway the show was amazing, probably my favorite of all the times I've seen them. With the House of Blues show being at a close second.

Ok, I have to interrupt this update because there is some freaky-ass shit going on outside. Out of nowhere comes the loudest bit of thunder I think I've ever heard. It sounded like a plane was going to crash into my house. Then it started raining. Then the thunder came back twice as loud, shaking my walls and windows. Then it started POURING. SHIT. IT'S SO FUCKING LOUD. THIS WAS NOT IN THE FORECAST!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH
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I feel like I have senioritis all over again. I've only gone to 2 classes (out of 5 I could've gone to) in the past 2 days. The only class I bothered going to today and Wednesday was Logic but both classes were a complete waste of time. Wednesday I showed up in hopes that we'd get our quizzes from Monday back because I think I aced it, and I'm so anxious to see what I got. Well, we didn't. So the whole rest of the class time was spent doing stuff that I've already mastered (natural deduction, using a set of rules to derive a conclusion from a symbolized phrase). She went over examples from the book step by agonizing step and those fools still didn't get it. After about 4 examples she said "ok, let's move on to--" "WAIT! can you do a really hard example from the book?" Apparently the guy who yelled it out is a glutton for punishment, because she made him work through the problem by himself. He kept saying all the wrong things and of course my professor would write it down wrong to show him his mistake, so finally I just yelled out "HYPOTHETICAL SYLLOGISM 4 & 6! B horseshoe R!" Class: "ooohhhhhhhh." It was torture.. so frustrating and a waste of time.

OH yeah! I went to see Something Corporate last night! (#3!) They were so good, and I was really surprised they got a piano on the stage at Chain Reaction. Andrew got sooo close to touching me and Frasey (our arms were stretched as far as they could go!) but HE wouldn't extend the extra inch-and-a-half to touch our freaking hands! I was kind of disappointed. He seems like a really cocky guy, someone I would not want to hang out with. But he's cute! And we made eye contact a ton of times. The guitar player we were standing next to was so nice, he gave these girls his set list and said "could one of you hold on to this for me? You can keep it I guess.." Then later he gave someone his water bottle and shook a lot of peoples' hands after the show (but not mine or Frasey's of course.) And there were these stupid girls in front of us sitting on the ledge blocking our view.. during Konstantine they pulled out lighters and kept them lit through the whole song. DUMBASS, Konstantine is a NINE MINUTE SONG! Waste your fluid and melt the thing, why don't you; not to mention you could get burned really bad! Me and Frase tried to blow them out from behind, but everytime I tried I just blew the girl's hair haha.

Oh dear. Time to go.. Mike will be here soon and I'm still in my robe with dripping wet hair.. Have a nice night guys. <3
JAM &lt;3

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Words can't express my love for Bright Eyes.. the show tonight was so intense. So passionate. So.. intimate. I like that he considers himself a folk singer. It's much more mature than emo or whatever. The show was the most fluid thing I've ever seen. The stage was set up with like 7 guitars already out there waiting. The first guy, M. Ward, came on and played a few songs by himself. Then Conor came out and sang one with him, then left. Then the other opening guy, Jim James, came out and sang backup for him. Then those two played a few songs together. Then M. Ward sang backup while Jim James took the spotlight for a few songs. Then M. Ward left and Jim sang by himself. Then all three came out at once and all sang together for 3 or 4 songs.. then Conor and Jim alone.. then Conor alone.. then Conor and M. Ward, then finally all three: the self-proclaimed "monsters of folk", and none of them can whistle. It was just incredible, the way it was pulled off. I'm so used to waiting 15-30 minutes between bands, but when it's just a guy and his guitar, they can just come and go as they please.

Some highlights:
girl in crowd: "it's katelyn's birthday!"
girl on opposite side of the room: "fuck katelyn!"

conor singing: "i'm thinking of quitting drinking, again.."
girl in crowd: "don't do it!"

conor: "so this is the part in the show where i tell everyone to vote for kerry.."
crowd and conor go back and forth shouting names of politicians or whatever.
conor: "what? what? what? i can't hear you, i have an ear infection."
girl: "no more politics, just music!"
conor: "fuck you! it's all politics."

conor singing "waste of paint": "..he said officer, officer, you've got the wrong man,
no i'm a student of medicine, the brother of a folk singer, you don't understand!"

conor: "i asked for club soda and he gave me like a... a sprite or something. yuck."