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i just got back from the coolest concert! this guy at work had an extra ticket for this show show at the house of blues, sunset strip and asked me if i'd go. it was mc lars, riddlin kids, american hi-fi and bowling for soup. traffic was really bad so we only made it for american hi-fi's last 3 songs and bowling for soup. AHF was really bad. i'd never listened to bowling for soup, and john said he wasn't really a fan but hey we drove all the way there, we should stay to get our money's worth. they turned out to be so freaking good! it was probably the most entertaining show i'd been to in a long time. the singer had such a cool personality and i was cracking up the whole time.

the next two days are going to be super busy.
store meeting @ chloe-brea 9am.
class 12-3:50 (midterm :P)
work chloe 5-9

store meeting @ INO 8am
work chloe 10-4
work INO 5-10

sunday is my last day at in n out! i'm so excited. it's gonna be weird not working there anymore but hopefully it will be a lot better for me. and who knows, maybe someday if i'm really desperate for cash i'll go back. they do pay really well. anyway, i'm extremely tired and should be asleep.. but topher grace is on conan and he's reeeeally cute. sigh. ok,i'm going to bed. goodnight, and don't forget to comment even if it's just to say hi! :)
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