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Words can't express my love for Bright Eyes.. the show tonight was so intense. So passionate. So.. intimate. I like that he considers himself a folk singer. It's much more mature than emo or whatever. The show was the most fluid thing I've ever seen. The stage was set up with like 7 guitars already out there waiting. The first guy, M. Ward, came on and played a few songs by himself. Then Conor came out and sang one with him, then left. Then the other opening guy, Jim James, came out and sang backup for him. Then those two played a few songs together. Then M. Ward sang backup while Jim James took the spotlight for a few songs. Then M. Ward left and Jim sang by himself. Then all three came out at once and all sang together for 3 or 4 songs.. then Conor and Jim alone.. then Conor alone.. then Conor and M. Ward, then finally all three: the self-proclaimed "monsters of folk", and none of them can whistle. It was just incredible, the way it was pulled off. I'm so used to waiting 15-30 minutes between bands, but when it's just a guy and his guitar, they can just come and go as they please.

Some highlights:
girl in crowd: "it's katelyn's birthday!"
girl on opposite side of the room: "fuck katelyn!"

conor singing: "i'm thinking of quitting drinking, again.."
girl in crowd: "don't do it!"

conor: "so this is the part in the show where i tell everyone to vote for kerry.."
crowd and conor go back and forth shouting names of politicians or whatever.
conor: "what? what? what? i can't hear you, i have an ear infection."
girl: "no more politics, just music!"
conor: "fuck you! it's all politics."

conor singing "waste of paint": "..he said officer, officer, you've got the wrong man,
no i'm a student of medicine, the brother of a folk singer, you don't understand!"

conor: "i asked for club soda and he gave me like a... a sprite or something. yuck."
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