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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2008|11:52 am]
sorry danmeister.
I stole his keys by accident. and they hid under the seat. jeeps are so like that though. you put something on the seat and it just flies everywhere coz of the bumping and jumping. i didn't even know I'd grabbed them... coz I'm retarded.
so danny looked for his keys for hours, and eventually brad drives us to my car at liz's and there they are under the seat. I don't know how I'm not black and blue, I'd beat me up if I was him!! although, he wouldn't stand much of a chance.. what with those chicken wings he calls arms. oh burn!!!
then I bought them a beer or two to say thanks and sorry, but while we were sitting sipping our cheap coronas, this ute breaks down right in front of us. suddenly, out of nowhere about 4 guys jump up and help push the ute and all are clearly so proud of their immense masculinity at this point. "i saved the day!". the odd thing was that I didn't actually see any of these men before the ute broke down. they just... appeared! so poor brad, who had barely finished work for the day, kindly offers to look at the ute. then spends a good hour an a half fixing the thing. this guy's gal pal (called sara) sits with us and chats while the boys do their boy thing. she was really lovely.
what an adventure!
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please please please please please please let me get it!!! [Dec. 5th, 2007|12:27 pm]
I’m so restless right now. I applied for a job, one that I really REALLY want. One I know I’m more that qualified for. One that will finally be in a field I’m actually INTERESTED in. I only sent it through yesterday but I’m just waiting waiting waiting for their call, working out a lie I can use to get time off work to go to an interview, planning what to wear, what to say, how to act. I just couldn’t handle it if they didn’t call me back, and worse still, if they called me, I went to the interview and didn’t get the job. I’d be distraught. They better call. I’m practically living off coffee right now. Food is for non-job-getters, and losers. I need to stay hyperactive in case they call and expect to hear a chirpy, bubbly, happy-go-lucky-scamp of a woman. And that has to be me.

This would be it, this would be the best christmas present in the world. It would be the first step, I wouldn’t be floating through life wondering what to do and how to begin doing it anymore. I would start planning my future from here on.

Arrrghh! It’s killing me. I need another cup of sweet smooth dark-roast goodness.
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adulthood=overated. [Oct. 23rd, 2007|10:00 am]
I can’t believe its just over a week until I’m officially an ‘adult’. I guess that means I have to start being more responsible. Like I need to start getting things done, and not procrastinating because I get a better more interesting offer to play board games or drink cheap goon.

List of things I really need to sort out:
· Pay Gas Bill
-(This one’s hard, I have to do it at the post, but the post is only open during MY work hours, and I can never just zip out for a minute to pay it)
· Do my tax return!!!!
-(Can’t find the group certificates!! ARRRGGH!)
· Re-enrol to vote.... very little time left.
· Put in my application for TAFE next year. Find out how I can do it part time.... I’m never going to do it in time!!
· Clean the entire house
· Pack
· Weed the back garden
· Get rid of all the crap Kate and James left in the garage.
· Sort out music and decor for the party with the infamous ‘Kim’ from the Goody park hotel.

And I have to somehow do ALL of these things before October 31st. the gas one before tomorrow. And I know how vain this sounds.... but I really wanted to get a pretty new dress for my party, but coz of the bill, I can’t afford it. I’ll feel plain and boring and gross while all my hot friends look a million bucks!!

Today is sucky. But the good thing is that marianne brought in coffee mmmmm and chocolate muffins. And I’ve got awesome party mix cd’s to listen to. The song at the moment is by the YEAH YEAH YEAHS! And I’m singing along like a loser. But I love it... I certainly do.
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ahh how the years wizz by.... [Oct. 17th, 2007|09:53 am]

Is on Friday 2nd NOVEMBER! I’m turning 21 (but that’s actually on the 30th OCTOBER) but, regardless... who wants to help celebrate with me?????

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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2007|10:59 am]
get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sleep is the best thing in the entire world. closely followed by food. and then booze. and then boobs. woops, scratch that last bit! haha!

sooooooooooo deliriously tired. spaced out. 5 hours left. don't think I'll last. I wish I had a superhero boyfriend who could save me from life's little annoyances. like work. and emos.

I win
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2007|08:27 am]
"I made a promise to myself back when I was a little 13 year old. I will never date a man with a mullet"

WHY DO I KEEP DOING THISSS?????????????????????????????????
stupid stupid donna. seriously, I don't understand why its apparently so hard for me to go even 1 month without being a total loser.

maybe because I was born a loser and I will die a loser. and only my fleas with mourn me! and I've got Aladdin quotes in my head, clearly.
Her mother wasn't nearly so picky.
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Birthdays, Bitches and Beautiful people! [Aug. 13th, 2007|09:16 am]
So happy birthdays were in order for the wonderous, beautiful, hilarious Kato on friday. We had a party, and i must say, it was a massive success. the funniest parts included people walking in on other people in the toilet. this is funny because of the following reasons:

the toilet door HAS GOT a lock, but everyone kept saying "geez, this wouldn't happen if the door had a lock"

Noone ever bothered to knock before entering, even if there were a few people lined up to use it, they just walked ahead and assumed it was empty. wrong.

someone decided to put an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet in (what one can only assumed to be) an attempted blockage. the only things that happened was that it was removed and chucked on the ground making the floor wet and muddy and the perfect thing for having people fall over. hehe. not safe, but highly amusing.

and also poor unwilling guests were attacked by various people with a 'kate reynolds-bickerton' stamp, leaving half the people there branded on the forehead. somehow I escaped this gruesome fate and emerged reasonably unscathed. In your FACE james! hahaha!

And I must make honorable mentions to some outstanding party-goers.

first and foremost, Kate for single handedly getting james drunk. California Kings Mix anyone??

Nichole, for having the best outfit, and the best dancing skills and for making out with an oversized blow-up Coopers bottle.

Georgia for her gorgeous dress and horrible HORRIBLE waterfall skills.

Miranda for calling two taxis instead of one. and for taking photos of peoples foreheads.

tommy for his giggling.

Furbee for his dancing, yes, that's right furbee DANCED!! and for calling a spade a spade when it came to the home-made punch.

trentos for his bad bad dad jokes. like seriously, embarrassingly bad.

and everyone who came. good times were had by all, and in conclusion, don't put twinkies on your pizza.
over and out!
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who hates thursdays???? [Aug. 9th, 2007|09:58 am]
whenever I go to read my horoscope in the morning I always hope that by some crazy wonderous magical coincidence, it will read EXACTLY what I'm actually doing right at that moment. I know it'll never happen but I still pray to open the paper and read:
"you will rock up to work late, again, looking 25 years older than you are (due to drinking too much the night before and only sleeping for an hour). once at work you will drink two buckets worth of coffee, laugh at the funny russian guy in estimations and throw things at people while looking nonchalant."
*sigh*.... one day, one day...
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I could cough you into oblivion! [Aug. 8th, 2007|08:08 am]
So I'm back at work, and I tell ya, its like going on vacation on some delisciously tropical island. like hell it IS! this place sucks the life out of me and then serves it back on a platter for me to see. "oh thats what you USED to have, before you worked here with all these wankers and losers. see that long squishy looking thing, that was your optimism. oh and look here, that was your enthusiasm, and that, well that was your youth and intellect. HA HA! sucks to be you!"
I'm still very sick and so please forgive my incredibly morbid attitude at the moment. I do really hate being sick. in my mind an illness should last 2 days MAX! And then you should be back on your feet. no more restless nights, no more excruciatingly sore throats, no more runny noses, no more coughing up phlegm and finding tiny bits of blood on the tissue, no more sneezing uncontrollably, no more aching limbs and blocked ears and dizziness. no more torture... I hate this shit! grrr!
The thing is I need to be healthy for friday and this is the reason...
IT'S KATE'S BIRTHDAY! we're having a small party at our place on friday night and its also kinda a housewarming for my new housemates. I need people to come and be MY friends because she's inviting people who I really really don't like. I'm serious, if any of you care about me one iota, you will help me to escape certain awkwardness by coming and getting drunk in a corner with me! please? cmon please????
hollar back.
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I know I've ranted about this already but it deserves another round! [Aug. 6th, 2007|09:04 am]
What the HELL is the point of getting the flu 'vaccination' if its not only NOT goign to prevent you from getting the flu, but in fact CAUSE you to get it? why did I even get it in the first place? I NEVER get the flu, so why did I think I needed some stupid shot to stop me from getting something my body is already capable of fighting?
It's utterly fucked. I hate being sick. especially when there's nothing I can do to make it better. I have NO money, and NO food in the house, and NOTHING to kill the flu bug. I'm just progressively getting worse. the headaches are becoming more intense and consistent, my nose is raw from the tissues, my throat is so sore it feels like theres knives lining the sides, I'm dizzy and weak and nauseaus. and I can't have a day off work because I don't have $$ to go to the doctors and I can't have a day off without a docs certificate. so basically I'm fucked.
I am just so mad at Hills for 'recommending' I get the flu vaccination. how could they do this and get away with it? I've heard some pretty fucked stories from people here about what happened to them after the got the flu shot. I just wish they'd told me before I willingly let someone stick that shiz in my arm.
I hate people.
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