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Hello to all of you people out there in internet-land. I have a request for you all. (Don't worry, it's simple and won't take much of your time.)

So -- I'm bored as hell around here lately. Want to recommend me some good books to pass the time with? I'm getting rather sick of re-reading the 5th & 6th Harry Potter books for the bajillionth time.
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Pensive Kitty

To those concerned --

For those who want to read my Japanese blog:

Okay, so I know blogger is a royal pain and won't let a lot of people see my blog. Thus, I transferred everything over and made an LJ. If you want to read it/see all the pics and such, friend this journal:


Thanks and enjoy~

[edit]: The strangest thing just happened! I just got a comment on my new Japanese journal that went as follows:

You're really pretty.

(saw this on LJ Recent Images, not a creepy stalker I swear. :P)

It's flattering, but also kinda weird that people can see my pics I post on recent LJ things >/ I would friends-lock it, but it's in Japanese anyway, and I want non-LJers to see it... Hmm, I guess I shall just have to deal with random compliments for now? o.o; But it does give me a nice feeling to get all dressed up for going out tonight #^-^#
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Pensive Kitty


There has been a friends cut

Don't take this personally. I'm sure you guys are all awesome people, I just removed you from the flist for one of the following reasons:
  • Umm... did you die?? Hello? Updates?
  • You defriended me first.
  • We really have nothing in common.
  • I don't think you really know me at all. It's cool you want to read my LJ and try to get to know me or whatever, but why don't you try talking to me on AIM/MSN or something first? That might be a more effective way of going about it. Then, you can get access to my LJ later.

So... yeah. If you're really that keen on reading my stuff, contact me and we can talk about it.
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