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This is my 769th post. Mmm, more than enough. Let me finish off with few jumbled thoughts.

It started sometime, somehow. It continued to flow, blogs were more or less very personal. In the recent past its character got changed drastically. Personal touch got washed away completely. Certain kind of political hue, a certain way of looking at issues started emerging. It was not conscious. As I look back, some issues triggered it. (Leaving NCST pygmied my favorite themes, I lost my favorite characters around whom I made a world.  That environment never came back.)

My last phase in mumbai coincided with the rise of whole sale dealers of marathas - MNS. That was a phase in which I started developing a dislike to be in Mumbai. To be an alien in a place is unbearable. For me I was as much an outsider as a UP wallah or Bihari was. Not so long after that I shifted to bangalore. Bangalore received me with serial bomb blasts - on the very day I landed. Then another nuisance - namely SRS started lifting its head. There was nothing humorous to write, climate was not suitable for my thoughts to wander.

Man being a social animal has to be aware of his surroundings, politics, social issues, economics. He should be aware of the developments happening in and around the world. In short a responsible citizen has to be an informed citizen. That is my view. Otherwise I will be an illiterate literate. Being an
illiterate literate irritates me. Myself, being from the land of politically conscious kerala, where fire spitting discussions on any world issues happen with fiery spirit, under palm leaf thatched tea shops, over a cup of tea, I had no option but to succumb. (90% of software people are not informed as these kerala tea shop social beings.)

That is the main reason why my posts took a different way. I believe that my recent posts would have given a regular reader an idea of why I think in a particular way. It is worth it if someone sees some sense on it, or at least it will give a different perspective of looking at issues. But the downside of it was the blog seized to be a data bank sort of thing where materials of interest got posted with the intention of future reference. With this I am putting an end to blogging, as I will not be able straighten it up - that is going back to the original personalised blogging - I have lost me somewhere. 

Yo, my 769th blog. You stay here for ever :)


I only want to enjoy my childhood, ma

Very nice article :


The author says : Dear co-parents, some of us might hear a small, fading voice making yet another attempt to reach us. Some thing we ignore. But are there any schools with alternative methods in India?


There is yet another, even smaller, even weaker voice, not even making an attempt to reach us - those who are denied even basic education, those who are forced to quit the school, those who are branded as school dropouts. We should write for them too.

Don't Speak Hindi...

You should not speak in hindi, said the MNS. You disgraced maratha said Bal Thackeray.

Friends, it is better for your well being to follow me. Speak less! Try to convey your ideas using different forms of actions.

Start trying it from now own. It will come to your safety in future, not so far, when people would get killed for speaking and not for speaking particular languages.

If you need any technical advice, like how to convey something using sign language, you are always welcome to contact me. I might think of charging some fees if the response is overwhelming.


Reading list

Two new books :

Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein
No Logo - Naomi Klein

Thinking of posting chapter wise gist.


Planting News...

In between all the news of media corruption I will tell a personal incidence. I am staying in a house for rent, the house owner is an ex journalist, now he is a news planter :) Corporate companies and all prefer news instead of advertisements. Means if a company introduces a product, instead of an advertisement , the company can approach a news planter. The news planter has a journalist network, he will only create the news, gives it to various media houses, and it will come as a news item. Business journalism... 


On Telecom Scam - interview

Senior Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta talks about the rs. 50,000 cr (10 billion USD) 2g license scam pulled of by Communications and Information Technology minister A. Raja


Another excellent article by
Prabir Purkayastha


Do read it...

Please watch the interview. Seema Mustafa's last point is worth following - of a media commission to act as a media watch.

FYI....  NewsClick.in brings an alternate perspective to that of the corporate media that dominates the world today. This possible as it is based on voluntary efforts and contributions of readers and our well wishers who want to see an independent voice on matters that affect them. It will address the key issues in today's world -- issues from the point of view of the poor, the working class, the farmers -- all of which are virtually missing from the coverage of the corporate media.


Please keep following it...

We said dirty politics? How about dirty media? (On how media is playing its role dutifully in damaging democracy.) Read on...



Rainbow flower

As a child I had a some of russian story books which were so enticing. One of those was the Rainbow Flower, Mazhavil Poovu. Story of a little girl who after buying bread rings, walks back to her home enjoying the sights. Meanwhile her bread rings are eaten by a street dog. She runs after the dog to reach somewhere unknown. An old lady gifts her a rainbow flower  which has magical powers.... Pluck a petal, throw it up and sing.... 

Fly, petal, oh-
East to West you go.
Then North to South
And turn about.
Touch the ground, do,
Make my wish come true.

Read on :

I lost those books, books are never returned. Three fat men, story of a queen?, etc. Most of these stories are available in the above site (with pictures).