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Gothic Rock mp3

Привинтил к соответствующему посту сборник "готик-рока". Трэк-лист выглядит следующим образом:

01. Alien Sex Fiend "E S T Trip To The Moon"
02. Bauhaus "Dark Entries"
03. She's In Parties"
04. Danse Society "Somewhere"
05. Fields Of The Nephilim "From The Fire"
06. Fields Of The Nephilim "Power"
07. March Violets "Walk In The Sun"
08. March Violets "Snake Dance"
09. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Beating In My Head"
10. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Temptation"
11. Siouxsie & The Banshees "Cities In Dust"
12. Siouxsie & The Banshees "Spellbound"
13. Skeletal Family "She Cries Alone"
14. Skeletal Family "So Sure"
15. Specimen "Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth"
16. Specimen "Hex"
17. The Damned "Eloise"
18. The Mission "Tower Of Strength"
19. The Sisters Of Mercy "Dominion Mother Russia"
20. The Sisters Of Mercy "Lucretia"
21. Virgin Prunes "Pagan Lovesong"
22. Virgin Prunes "Caucasian Walk"
23. Xymox "Blind Hearts"
24. Xymox "Obsession"

Битрейт - 192Kbps VBR. Всего 88 Mb + 71 Mb. Забрать первую часть можно здесь и вторую часть здесь.
Tags: 80s, download, music
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