DK (_dk) wrote,

Лучший имейл года (к сайту

Howdy, I saw the special on ABC the other night, I liked his music. (RIP)

Just wouldnt mind you clearing up a few things, please.
I was also born in 1959 in Adelaide...In high school (the 70s) I knew a Rowland Howard (Roley) also born in '59 of course.
He was also tall, supa skinny (walked like a bent bow), anemic looking, walked with his hand in his cords, pulling his pants around his arse, was obsessed with his dick.
Is this the same Roley Howard??
The Roley I knew didnt mention music at the time, but was fixated with building rockets...??...
Maybe just a massive coincidence....but be Adelaide in the 70s, there was Another Rowland (Roley) Howard in Australia, also born in 1959.....
There ya go.....
Ta, Marko.
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