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I'm not like them but I can pretend

the sun is gone but I have a light

Pompous little antichrist
21 September 1983
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Name- Nothing
I live in Olympia WA as of 7/18/07
I'm engaged to a lovely girl named Bree. You should be jealous, she's amazing. And because of my codependant obsessive love for her, expect loads of pictures of her face. Because it's fucking beautiful.

This is a friends only picture journal. Comment to be added.
And okay you know what, if you're shallow or an asshole or whatever just don't even fucking bother okay. I'm not making this journal for your fucking approval, take it or leave it I don't want to hear what you think about me, because honestly I don't give two shits.

For more info on me go to my regular journal.
My best shots and my graphics are also posted publicly in torchlite_roast. (I have to get it up to date, so sue me, everybody else does)

I chose this username in honour of my close friend Draven who died on November 8 2003 of a heroin overdose. On another blogging site his username was distorted_eyes.
Sadly, it turns out that he is a complete dick, but I'm too lazy to switch journals now.
So rest in pieces, Draven, you sick sadistic son of a bitch.