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He Watches Everything....

9 November 1984
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mienai_hoshi: Cari is my LOVE.

hasu: Oseisama is awesomeness redefined. if you open the dictionary, she's not only next to the definition, she is the definition. Oseisama wins at life, the universe, and everything. ♥

gekkonorondo: Onee-sama is..Onee-sama. There's really nothing that I can say that could correctly put into words how much she means to me. Even though she's far away, she's here for me when I really need her, and that's something that I really love about her.

waygroovy: muh sugha momma from down undah: Cari could rip the soul out of a bottle of Jack and coke, squish it around, then spew out a golden rainbow of sparkeling fireflys to swarm across the earth spreading cheer and death to all.

rissabunny: Cari-pie is my shoulder to cry on, my shoulder to lean on, my shoulder to molest upon. It's so easy to have fun with Cari-pie, but at the same time it's also easy to be serious, and it's amazing how many different emotions she can go through in one paragraph. Cari-pie is full of life, love, and sex. Plus she has the most AMAZING hiney.

silencescreams: The first day I met _disi_ , she stripped me naked and smacked my ass crying 'WHOOPA!' ... all in all, I highly recommend.

polyurethane: Cari-chan is just all forms of awesome. Be it her conversations about hawt sex dudes or her love of Kyou from Furuba, she just pwns. Also, I love her as long as the span from Canada to Australia. The Atlantic way. 'Cause it's longer.

frzn_mmnt: _disi_ draws better than my stick figures. I idolize and want to be just like her.

princesskirsty: i luff my girlypants!!

ailes_de_destin: I don't know Cari-sama-mama all that well but I could say this, Cari = teh shizz. Don't ever change! You're an awesome opposum! (~.^)V

flowed: Rosa Brunonii is incredibly insane and weird and funny and we all love her to death. <3 Friend her--you know you want to. 8D

cruel_claire: cari-chan is teh queen of pork rinds and rissa is her heir! XD
cari-chan is the sweetest lady i've ever seen..she's also one of the bravest and toughest ladies in my flist..she's so funny and lovable.. she looks after her family (rose and star family) and take cares of them very well. cari-chan is teh awesome! ^^

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gekkonorondo is HOT Soeur luff.


I'm a member of the soeur_system & therosemansion communities.

I'm more commonly known there as Rosa Brunonii.

My Petite Soeur is gekkonorondo (aka Sara) - She is the Bouton of the Rosa Brunonii family.
Her Petite Soeur is jingyi_chan (aka Amber) - She is the Petite Soeur of the Rosa Brunonii family.


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