CAAAAAAAAARI, Bitches. (_disi_) wrote,

This is for the Aussie people on my list, obviously...

:( My current employer isn't being a nice man and doing the right thing by me, so I am in need of bringing in some extra money from home until the D-rama's of the world get sorted.  If you know anyone who gets print or web work done regularly, then this is your opportunity to save money on design and get things done as professionally as you would through a major business.

You guys know I'm in Perth, but I dont' mind doing work via email and telephone - most of my current clients are in different cities than me anyway! Also, the cost of sending print work interstate wouldn't be too much, so you would still be saving money :) Web work obviously doesn't matter at all, because there is nothing to post!

Feel free to contact me at any time either by phone or email. 0433 581 115 or - after hours and weekends are also fine.

I can do small print jobs under 500pcs priced per page, or larger jobs over 500pcs through my printer.

Really sad it's had to come to this! boo hoo :( lol
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