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21st July 2008

6:33pm: FUNNY

I found this quote on Oteps myspace thinger. Its from Roosevelt
and it fits perfectly to my "haters" and individuals who
ridicule me because i didn't finish school,
and other aspects in my life. You know
who you are bitches.
"It is hard to fail, but it is worse to have never tried to succeed"

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10th January 2007

1:00am: 5 more days :)

only five more days till u turn 4 my baby ... I Love You!!!!!

Tú eres la tristeza ay de mis ojos
que lloran en silencio por tú amor
me miro en el espejo y veo en mi rostro
el tiempo que he sufrido por tú adios

Obligo a que té olvide el pensamiento
pues siempre estoy pensando en el ayer
prefiero estar dormido que despierto
de tanto que me duele que no estés...

Como quisiera ay
que tú vivieras
que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran cerrado nunca
y estar mirandolos

Amor eterno
e inolvidable
tarde o temprano estaré contigo para seguir

Yo he sufrido tanto por tú ausencia
desde ese día hasta hoy no soy feliz
aunque tengo muy tranquila mi conciencia
se que pude haber yo hecho más por tí

Oscura soledad estoy viviendo
la misma soledad de tú sepulcro
tú eres el amor del cual yo tengo
el más triste recuerdo de Acapulco...

Como quisiera ay
que tú vivieras
que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran cerrado nunca
y estar mirandolos

Amor eterno
e inolvidable
tarde o temprano estaré contigo para seguir

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13th April 2005


successfully cleaned out friends list. anyone who never participated or doesn't update much went.
wow, i really don't have many friends now haha :)
oh well. I'm considering adding people back to my myspace thinger.
You should all petition. Then i'd have no choice but to add you all back. k? k.
Did i mention we went to see Otep, i think last month? It was a small club so we got up close,
she (Otep) acted a little weird. Kinda snobby .. i didn't really like that. There were some other bands.
Dry Kill Logic, umm.. someone other two i think. and American Head Charge. I didn't like them at all. The singer is a jerk. So yeah. I tried to take pics with my cheesey little camera phone but not much luck.
:) Hail-DiScOrD!

Current Mood: calm

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17th January 2005

5:20pm: Friends Cut

well, i've decided to clean out my lj friends list and make a huge cutdown.
if i cut someone it is because they don't participate or we simply never talk...
so yeah, if you'd like to stay and don't participate often, feel free to leave a comment
and yeah ...
changes will be effective in about a day or so, when i get off my lazy ass and decide to do it..

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30th October 2004

1:18pm: poop

Current Mood: amused

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28th January 2004


Just fixed my site--

go check it out! tell me what you think?!
i can host you or host your domain even! for free! yeah! :)
so just check it out! thanks

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23rd January 2004

2:05pm: hi

Did something different with the background image of my little fatso. It should randomly change with each page load. Am going to make something to add into that link area :)
Listen to lacuna coil! They rock!

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22nd January 2004

1:28pm: wee!

So i changed my layout yet again :) isn't it nifty? Yes. It's Dora. cos my isis love's dora. and i'm messing with this mood thing too.
Please Check it out- there's links to stuff in my "Current Mood" section- let me know if it's good, not good, do you like the music? should i get rid of this? give me your feedback.. or die :) thanks <3

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15th January 2004

1:01pm: k

im trying something new.
this also keeps my mind busy. Im expirementing with php, lamejournal and my domain thinger. i want to add it over there where my Homepage link is. but for right now u can check it out here. i wanna make it so my poor readers can customize MY journal. k?

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12:24am: happy bday

Today 1-15-2004 one year ago.. just about this time - 12:24 AM, i was taking mel to the hospital. Providence Memorial Hospital. Yasmine Isadora Castro was born today One year ago. I can't really recall what time it was right off hand now. I remember taking isis to melissas parents house. I remember Rita getting mad at the fact that i had to drive all the way down to the other side of town just to drop isis off with melissa in the car/in labor, when her damn parents could've taken one of the 5 vehicles they have parked outside their home and met us at the hospital. It was different from when Isis was born. Isis didn't want to come out haha :)
Yasmine sorta popped out. I remember i got to cut her umbilical cord. I was scared. Mom and mel still laugh at me, because when the doctor asked - "where do you guys live?",
I answered "5013 Mt. Vernon..." when he meant what side of town do you live on.. im such a retard haha! :P
The 14th, Melissa had worked in the morning and didn't even realize she was dilating. She always made me proud about that. She was tough and still is. I was working 3pm - 11pm that day. I remember mel brought me some chicken enchiladas. Damn they were soooo good. She brought them to me at work- we were still living at my moms, so she came walking with Isis in the stroller. i saw her and she looked sick and pale. I told James [a regular customer who was hanging out with me at the store] and Rita who was still there, there's something wrong with her. she looks sick. they insisted no. I was right.

melissa and i were watching the ring today before she went to bed. i don't know what it was about that movie today. it made me uncomfortable. i guess the little girl being dead and all. yknow? bad timing for that movie i suppose. we came upstairs and mel was crying. my mom tells me that my grandma used to cry even up to old age about losing one of my aunts as a baby too. i don't think this pain will ever go away for either of us.

I know i can't hold you in my arms anymore.
I know i can't make up to you what i did wrong.
I feel like i'm going crazy sometimes.
Why did you had to leave me so soon...
leave me to cry forever. I'll never see your first steps.
I'll never hear your first words. I'll never get to give you away at your wedding. See you dressed up on prom night. Argue with you about frivalous little things. See you drive for the first time. Walk you to school. Those opportunities died the day that you left us. I blame only myself for ruining our family. Only because i was so careless. If i had only checked sooner, maybe i would have gotten to you on time. All i can do is blame myself for you being gone now. I hope you know i will always love you. Though i won't see your precious little face again, or hold your warm little body in my arms close to me, I love you my precious little angel. Happy 1st Birthday.

Yasmine Isadora Castro
1/15/2003 - 6/08/2003

for anyone intersted in looking at the above link. my baby is the 3rd photo down on the right, 4th entry down on the left.

Current Mood: sad

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2nd January 2004

4:48am: lala

Ok kids, i changed my layout a litte. it's basically the same thing really just changed stuff here and there. you're supposed to see a cool font called Redensek. i think it only works if you have Internet Exploer or something. not that anyone is really reading this stuff.. but yeah. and the sexy woman on my background is my future wife Cristina Scabbi from Lacuna Coil k?
Tomorrow is payday.. yay! :D very cool. i'll be Seeing some of that Overtime from X-mas. thank GOD x-mAs is over! hell yeah! ok .. well that's it for now.. bye


Current Mood: tired

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12th November 2003

5:31pm: la

i downloaded Apache server. so now you can access my puter online. k? im planning on hosting and stuff soon too. i have a fairly decent system , broadband, always on, large diskspace. so id like to have it so where everyone can add mp3s and such with no restrictions. k?

Current Mood: content

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29th October 2003

10:59am: -

Great Song. it's from the Slow Deep and Hard CD. great CD too. i love Type O... *Sigh*

Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67x10-8 cm-3gm-1sec-2 Lyrics

    [a. Unjustifiable Existence]

    One two three four
    I don't wanna live no more

    Well I've got no more reason to live
    And I've got no more love to give
    Tonight's the night
    I'll paint the town red
    I'll put another whole through my head

    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence

    Now I feel the weight of a world on my back
    I've seen the future
    The future looks black
    It's what I must do
    I have no reservations
    Ain't talk 'bout self preservation

    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence

    Crushing me
    Crushing me
    Crushing me
    Crushing me

    [b. Acceleration (due to gravity) - 980cm^-2 sec]

    Yeah I feel something pulling me down
    Forcing me between myself and the ground
    Of all the nightmares that ever came true
    I think that gravity (gravity-gravity) is you

    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence
    Unjustifiable existence

    Crushing me
    Crushing me
    Crushing me
    Crushing me

    [c. Antimatter: Electromechanical Psychedelicosis]

    [d. Requiem for a Souless Man]

    I've got a problem
    A problem with hate
    I can't go on dragging this weight
    A cold steel hand that won't let go
    Acid-filled thoughts out of control

    I built myself a nice little cage
    With bars of anger and a lock of rage
    I can't help asking Who's got the key?
    When I know damned well it's me

    No I ain't hinting for sympathy
    I'm used to dealing with apathy
    The scars on my wrists may seem like a crime
    Just wish me better luck next time

    So what if I died a thousand deaths
    You think I'm insane but I have no regrets
    One more time won't matter no question
    Suicide is self expression.

Current Mood: confused

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26th October 2003

11:31pm: haha

Ok, now tell me how stupid i am :D

Current Mood: bored

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26th September 2003


i seriously need to update this thing more often..
and not justwhen im pissy..

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3rd August 2003


I think that i have some very bad luck lately.
Now i can't say that i don't have anything to
write/type in here for thee my e-peers.
As if my baby passing away wasn't enough in June,
now my dad is in the hospital.
He's got quite a drinking problem. always has.
now it's finally caught up with him. we've talked about
putting him into a nursing home or something. my mom can't take
care of him, since she needs alot of care to for her physical ailments. I can't with work, mel, and isis and all.
It's not the nursing home that necessarily sucks. It's the fact
that he is senile-like now. I mean he knows who we are and all,
but he just sais and thinks things that are waay out there.
He's not the same person anymore. I know what i am going to be facing soon. It's only time before it happens. In a way it's like we've lost him already.. because he's not the same anymore.
I really don't know how to feel anymore.. this just sucks.

I really love the words to this song. The song itself too.
I put it in my info...

Current Mood: depressed

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30th July 2003


People are so stupid. Today i went to see how melissa was doing in her new store, and two bean-picker wetback shit face incomplete abortions came in to buy beer. One had a drivers license from Kansas. So melissa asked her manager who was there if she could accept that. Obviously not. We live in Texas, not in Kansas. If these morons can afford beer, then they can pay 10$ to get a drivers license from Texas. So they got mad threw their money on the counter and left. The manager asked if they wanted their change and they said no, "keep it for uhhh..... [pause] hooked on phonics" ?? wtf? Ok, first of all that was a really lame insult.. then on their way driving away they flipped us off.. Oh yeah.. real balls there. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR ... i'm pissed now. Even tho it didn't happen to ME... it still gets on my nerves. ignorant ppl. They are the reason that ppl think mexicans are morons. Thanks fuck face.. I'm gonna go hack everyone whos password i've stolen... To vent my frustrations....

Current Mood: pissed off

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29th July 2003

8:40am: Hail Discord

YAY! This does work now! Thank You Rach! ¡Pinche Gringa! At last i can rule over the world with my livejournalism. Soon my plan for world domination will be complete. This is merely the first step in a series of steps that I plan to execute. Now all of you must add me to your friends list or you to shall suffer my mighty wrath. Hmmm, I don't believe i've ever owned a "livejournal" before, So i'm not too sure what i ought put in it. Perhaps my daily events? Today, i shall sit in front of the computer all day. Then i shall sleep and go to work tomorrow.

Current Mood: DiScOrD

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