popular mechanics for broken hearts.

sometimes planes they smash up in the sky.
9 October
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i looked out the window
everyone had umbrellas and smiles on their faces
men with suits were walking with briefcases
stepping in the puddles, sticking out their tongues
and looking toward the sky, catching raindrops on
their tongues. an executive type had a little girl.
long blonde hair, yellow rubber rainboots, a blue checked
dress. she was holding onto his hand. i could barely
comprehend, but i could read her lips. she asked why.
he picked her up, swung her to the sky and i could see
what he was saying, "i ran out of pills, i lost all my cash
with mistakes. she left you with me, let's just be free
and indecisive with our choices. let's let ourselves escape
from everything, do nothing but catch the rain." she jumped
in a puddle and giggled aimlessly. everyone in the streets
had left their minds in the puddles beneath them. it's exactly
everything i've wanted.