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I took time from work to go visit in Berkeley/SF last week.

Some of the tasty places I visited:

Thursday night we had Korean BBQ, I forget the name of it.

The weekend: started off with Sake tasting (seven varieties, mmm) Takara Sake, all you can eat sushi [Sui Sui K], then chocolate factory tour (with tasting) Scharffen Berger we went to [La Chavel] and then icecream at Fenton's

A bunch of former-Pittsburghers got together at Fondue Fred's, the service wasn't super but eating with everyone was fun.

Wednesday during the day (it ended up raining, so I couldn't do most of what I had wanted) I ended up at the Asian Art Museum that night ate at Shanghai Dumpling House with Absolute Dragons

Much love to those who I got to see.

Overall the trip rocked, only issues were my bad timing of trying to go see museums and long flight back - hopefully I will visit again sometime soon.
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It snowed today, and seems to be accumulating on the ground.

Winter has arrived.
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War Ends without WMDs

It's the day after the war, I'm sure someone won, for I know others have lost. The battlefield must have scars detailing the actions that transposed during the campaign. Soldiers wearily left and found their resting spots, some weren't as lucky as others.

The rain tonight washes away some of the taint on the land, armies depart peacefully after working to restore order to the Embassy.

Allies were made, and shall come again another time, perhaps next year or sooner.

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Didn't sleep much today, been up since 2am to so.

Ghettod up joy_dee's radio so it worked for our trip. (Her car got broken into about 2 weeks ago, they stole her change (maybe $2) and broke the faceplate of her radio, left everything else alone.

Went off to johnmeier1/kissmary's housewarming in Bradford.
Left around 8:30a, get there around noon, left around 6:30p, got home around 10p.
The weather was good, the food was good, and good fun was had by all. The trip was worth it.
A 3-4 hour trip for a BBQ, then 3 hours back in the same day gets a little rough, and we get to do it again (to Charleston on Monday) my ass will be hurting.

Took a shower, my eyes are barely open to type this, I feel like I'm getting old - I used to think nothing of hopping in the car and driving 4-8 hours to visit ppl for a day, then come back the next, perhaps it's because I used to be the one driving.

Oh well, time to drift off into nothingness - sleep calls.
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I guess it's was time to concede, and thus I created the evil lj account.

So bored, yet not even tired.
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