New Layout!

New layout, yay! I love how the colouring turned out on the banner.

Gonna do my userinfo too. It's still got a Christmas quote on it :/

Yeah, I'm doing pointless stuff because I'm ill today. Got a killer sore throat, ugh. >.<



I nearly bought a rename token. I got as far as the page where you pay for it, but then I thought... a) I dunno what I want to change it to anyway, b) omg why am I spending $15 on a livejournal and c) electron cards probably don't work.

What can I change my name to? First I thought spicyorange... but I don't want that one anymore, since I found out you actually *can* have spicy oranges, it didn't seem as fun. I want 'rofflez' now. Anyone got any other ideas? I'm so BORED of _digital_angel. *desperate*


I've just found a link between Lost and my county on Lostpedia!
  • Desmond was incarcerated in Halstead, Essex.
LOL! Just goes to show how much everyone loves it here ;)

Random Observation #3498352

Accents are so weird! Srly, I just watched this Lost fanfilm (some of it, anyway) and I dunno what I was expecting, but it was all... American! And for me, that made it more professional because being in England and 99% sheltered from American accents, I associate them with blockbuster movies and US TV shows.

Okay, I'm weird XD it just intrigues me.

What sort of accent have you guys got??

I can't help feeling that my own accent is boring because it's just English... with no accent. Standard. Boring. :(

Oh, and something else! I find the differences between UK accents , like, Welsh, Scottish, N. Ireland, S. Ireland, S. English, Geordie... etc, really easy to distinguish.This may sound like a stupid question but can Americans tell the difference? Because I can't tell the difference between the accents of people who come from different States or whatever. Unless it's REALLY obvious like the difference between Jack's accent and Sawyer's accent. So? Are the differences not as obvious as they are in the UK or can I just not hear them? :/


Fellow Lostaways -

Where would one post Lost wallpapers? I have some I'd like to share! Oh, and where's the best place to post Lost icons? Cookie for anyone who replies! xD


Dude I'm baaa-aaack! Had a mega fun time but missed you all! Haven't got time to update properly at the moment, but just thought I'd let you know. I have much catching up to do, oh yes - and looking forward to it =D