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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in _dietjournal_'s LiveJournal:

Friday, January 21st, 2005
3:55 pm
I've lost nine pounds. Over the weekend, my Indiana audition went well, but as for eating, it went only ok. I didn't eat any flat out carbs... but I think I had too many greens.

Oh well. I'm still not about to give up. I'm no where near giving up.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
8:50 pm
I've lost 4 lbs. In 3 days.

I don't want any carbs, I haven't craved them at all.

And I don't feel hungry really. I feel like I'm eating too much... too much fat. Bacon?! Look at the fat in which it's cooked!

Oh well. I don't care. I'm loosing weight and I'm happy.
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
9:44 pm
Stress? Yeah.

Monday was good, except I had to eat dinner on the road in about 10 minutes. Which meant getting a side salad from MacDonals... and realizing that the dressing is NINE carbs. Thankfully, I only put about 1/3 of the dressing on, so that made it 3.

Tuesday? Not so good. Diet wise, it was good, kinda. I had to eat out (at fast food) again which made me mad. Gosh, I'm too busy. Anyway, I went to Burger King and got the Angus Beef burger "low carb" style, or whatever... and they just gave me the regular full carb style. So I had to tell them to make it low carb, which meant they took the bun off. So I still had the sauce, which I didn't really want. Oh well. I'have been drinking a lot of water, though.

I got a ticket. For speeding. Argh, first ticket ever, and I've driving more than 50,000 miles. t
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
7:12 pm
I made my first, true Atkins meal today. Yummy flank steak and some salad.

I found that I kept wanting to pick up some pieces of the rice that I was cooking for my dad, out of habit. I had no problem trowing what I picked up away, but I didn't realize how much I previously snacked while cooking.

I have been meaning to go for a walk for a while now, but it's rain season in California so I usually say no. But today, I did. It was actually not bad at all, the fact that it was slightly sprinkling and totally wet everywhere. I felt refreshed. Maybe a little running tomorrow?

I'm sure none of you passer-byers (is that a word?) just want to know what I eat.

A little about me?

I'm 17, my name is Lindsay. I live in a small town in California, but grew up in the Detroit Suburbs. I LOVE hockey (esp. the Red Wings), but I also love the Detroit Lions, Tigers, and Pistons and the Michigan Wolverines (hockey and football, not basketball).

I have two older sisters. My oldest sister is 9 years older than me. I've looked up to her for as long as I've known. She's beautiful; she even modeled for Paul Mitchell once. She has a husband and two beautiful kids, my niece and nephew whom I love very much. Then there's my other sister, who's 3 years older than me. I think one of these days we'll get along, but not yet. I just don't trust her.

I have a dog, Frankie. He's totally awesome. He's cute, laid-back, yet totally wired at the same time. Whenever I say "Frankie, you wanna go bye-bye on a walk!?" he jumps up and down and doesn't leave me alone until I take him. I think he'll come in handy on the days when I really don't want to excercise.

I play music. The viola, to be specific. I want to major in Music and join the Detroit Symphony Orchestra one day. My life is music. I'm in a quartet, a professional level youth symphony, and I have private lessons. I also play for other orchestras because everyone's always short of a violist.

My parents are awesome. I haven't always been close with them, but we've always gotten along. In the past year, though, they've supported me so much that I'll never be able to repay them. Anytime I ask for money for the viola/lessons/new books/camps/etc, they hand it over without even asking. When I said I wanted to major in music, they made sure it was what I wanted to do and haven't stopped encouraging me since.

Finally, I'm a Christian. I don't really feel the need to go into detail about this. I have an awesome relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I want it to be like that forever.

I think that's about it. Tomorrow, I have symphony rehearsal and we find out what chairs we have from our seating tests. I think I did well, I'm hoping to be in the top half of the section (right now I'm one chair away).

Hmm. That's about it.
4:55 pm
Today I decided that the what I'm going to diet is Atkins. I did some research and this seams like the diet for me because:

a) I hate potatoes and corn
b) I don't really like rice
c) I'm not huge on pasta
d) I LOVE steak
e) I'm a huge fan of bacon and eggs in the morning

Maybe this will all change in a few months, but Atkins seems to fit me and my tastes perfectly.

Since I didn't know that I was going to do Atkins this morning, today wasn't a good day to start, although as of about 3 hours ago, I've been on Atkins.

Tomorrow starts my official, first day of induction.

I'm going to have two eggs with bacon for breakfast, a small salad with hard-boiled egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, and a vingerette for lunch, and steak with a small salad for dinner. All three meals sound incredibly tasteful to me.

My mom is officially joining me, which is good. My dad is convinced that Atkins is bad for you, although in my opinion, obesity is worse. So tonight I cooked up a big batch of rice that I'll reheat for the next week or so and put on his dinner plate in order to make him happy.

I'm thinking about dropping the points system. I'm not sure.

I weighed myself today. I was about 15 lbs higher than I thought I'd be. I rang in at 235. Wow. My drivers licence still says 190. I'm not that worried because I'm convinced that this is going to work. I've tried to diet before, but not like this. I've never quite done the research and set a schedule and goal for myself. I'll keep you all updated. As for me, I'm off to go take my dog on a walk. See ya guys later!

Current Mood: optimistic
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
6:55 pm
I suppose I should add some stuff.

A plan? That would be good.

I'm a musician and in the next two months I will be crazily practicing and audition to music schools. Because of that, I already set aside 5:30-7 am for practicing. Then comes school, and I set aside 7-10 pm for practicing again. Excercising will come after school.

Everyday (except Thursdays because won't be home after school) I will excercise
(aerobics, run/walk, Total Gym, etc) from 3:00-3:45. So, if I run for only ten minutes, I'll then do some aerobics or something for the other 35 minutes.

Since I go to a California high school, food options are horrible. There's hamburgers, egg roles, salad, fries, candy, sandwiches, and soda. Then there's the taco truck where you can get fried burritos, more hamburgers, more candy, more soda, more fries, and chips. Because of this, I will get a salad every day at school and use minimal dressing.

Everyday, if I excersise for the full time I'll give myself two points. For part of the time, one. Same with lunch. If I eat a salad, two points. If I have a salad and snack on something else from someone else, one point. I'm also bringing water to school. No need to buy it, I'll just bring it. If I drink some of it during the school day, I'll get one point. All of it, two.

For breakfast, I'll have some fruit. Maybe a yogurt, although that's not really good. I'm going to look for easy things to have for breakfast that don't take time to cook.

Dinner, I have control of this. I'm going to make healthy food so that my parents can benifit from this as well. If I cook a good meal, two points. Decent meal, one. Bad meal, non. If I use good portion control for dinner, two points. Decent portion control, one. Portion control includes snacking when cooking, I'm horrible at that. Today, I took pictures of all of us (my mom took a pic of me) and I put them on the fridge. It was before I showered, before I put on any make-up. Every aspect of me looks horrible, but I need that picture on the fridge rather than one of my better pics.

2 Water
2 Breakfast
2 Exercising
2 Dinner (meal itself)
2 Dnner (portion control)

Some random, personal goals.
I got an awesome watch for christmas, and although it fits, I want to to be a little looser. My sister also got me a gorgeous charm bracelet and I want a smaller wrist for that too.

Prom? We'll see. That's only a few months away.

I'm going to France in less than three months and doing a family stay. I know I'll still be big by then, but I want to look as good as I can so that the family doesn't just immediately think "stupid, typical, overweight American".

I'm going to Spain in July (7 months) and I'm taking pictures GALORE. I want those to be pictures that 20 years from now I will want to look at.

The reason I'm doing this? Two things. I already mentioned the college issue. I got three acceptence letters recently and it hit me that time is running out.
Also, I got a digital camera for Christmas and for the first time ever, I've been taking a lot of pictures, and I've realized that I'm not just a little overweight.
6:43 pm
I supposed I should start off.

I don't know all of my measurments and stuff, I just know that I need to lose weight, an not just 20 lbs.

I'm in my senior year in high school, and although I've never been made fun of or anything, I want to have a fresh start when I go to college. It's going to my turn to break free and form my own life for myself, and I don't want everyone's first impression to be negative.

This isn't just a New Years Resolution. In fact, it really has nothing to do with the New Year. I just want to walk into my first class and meet my roommate with confidance, knowing that they are looking at me for me, not my weight.

Everyime I post in my journal, (starting next time since I don't know how much I weigh)I'm going to post something like this:

starting weight/present weight/goal weight

So, as of now, ?/?/145.

Since I cook fulltime at my house, I have no one to blame but myself if this doens't work. Anyways, if you're looking at my journal wondering who I am, comment away. Ask questions, don't be a stranger.
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