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Fizz From Within

...bubbles from my mind.

Question with boldness - Thomas Jefferson
Who am I???

I'm a forty something work in progress. After many years of hard work and dedication I can happily say that I am a Critical Care nurse!

I am:

* On a continual journey to a better version of me —a total work in progress.

* A lot of things to a lot of people—mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, employee, and caregiver. I am also a dreamer, watcher, philosopher, aspiring author and student of life. I can be sensual, innocent, curious, devout, loyal, shy, adventurous and vulnerable. I have many hopes, dreams, desires, and goals.

* Married to my high school sweetheart for 25 years; he has been my one and only significant other for more than 27 years. We have three children (a daughter 24, and sons 23 & 16), who are the light of my life; they are wonderfully interesting, complex, and fun people in their own right. We have several pets that we consider part of our family, three dogs (Ted, Winnie, & Pepper), a cat (Rory), a tank full of little fish, and a turtle (Mr. Turtle).

* Someone who loves to read (sci-fi, paranormal, classics, biblical studies, historical fiction & nonfiction…you name it), in fact I listen to books on tape everyday on my way to and fro because I have such a passion for reading and will never have enough time to read as much as I would like to. I also enjoy watching movies and television, listening to music, writing (poetry, short stories and that great American novel), spending time with my family, cooking and baking, playing games (both old-fashioned and video games), gardening, camping, walking, biking, hiking, canoeing…playing. I have completed level two Reiki training. I have an intense curiosity and will research topics that strike my fancy just because I can and because I want to know.

* Taking a holistic approach to life. I try to be responsible, trustworthy and conscious of the impact my actions may have on others and our planet. I am a spiritual seeker. Christianity is the basis of my belief system, but I don't really fit fully into any organized religion since I have a naturalistic/Native American/Witchy slant to the way I view my faith.

* A romantic. I love romance. Flowers and candy are nice, but I love cozy snuggling in front of a roaring fire, a shared bottle of wine, a lazy rainy day spent in bed with my man listening to the rain pattering on the roof, walking anywhere with my honey holding my hand, passionate kisses, sunrises, sunsets, sandy beaches, autumn leaves blazing on the trees in reds, oranges and hues of yellow and crunching underfoot; long, lazy picnics in a secluded place, making love anytime and anyplace, taking steamy scented baths by candlelight (preferably not alone). I want to be cherished, and treasured, loved for my mind, body and soul, to be taken care of in a way that indicates that I am worshipped by my husband only behind the Almighty.

* A little different, a bit odd, and I have come to love that about myself.
Unfortunately, I tend to neglect this journal when life gets busy…sorry. You can also find me on Facebook if you want to know what is going on in my life one sentence at a time=).