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[welcome to DIAMOND ICONS]

graphics journal
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Crediting is very important. It lets me keep track of who is using my icons and I like people knowing that I made an icon that you were kind enough to put in your userinfo. If you don't know how to credit, go here for a quick tutorial (opens in a new window).

Comments are nice. I admit, I get a little thrill seeing you guys respond to what I post here. I don't require comments, but if you want to leave a note, say what you're taking, or give constructive criticism (note the italics), I'm not going to stop you. In fact, I encourage it!

//stealing bandwidth/hotlinking
You've heard it from pretty much every icon-maker - "DON'T STEAL MY BANDWIDTH!! DON'T HOTLINK!!! ASDLFJASLFJALFJ" So why is it important? This site explains why. Read it. Love it. Live by it.

Want to know who I think is just fabulous? Go here. *am not accepting new affiliates unless I ask YOU*

//awards & resources
Here's where I praise others and they praise me. Check it out over here

I'm not longer accepting requests. As much as I would love to do them, I generally forget about them or procrastinate too long and I feel horrible afterward. I have no problem with suggestions, but requests are just a no-no for now.

//fandoms i obsess love
gilmore girls. sex and the city. that 70s show. american dreams. friends. the oc. 21 jumpstreet. harry potter. pirates of the caribbean.

//moderator at...
_danceallnight topher_daily _stateofgrace

//personal journal
madeitsimple. Feel free to stop by!

Have fun browsing and have a nice day!
- Breanne, moderator

40's, 50's, 60's, absorption blinks, actors, actresses, adam brody, alexis bledel, american dreams, animatronic chickens, audrey hepburn, awards, back to the future, benjamin mackenzie, bowling, british boys, broadway, captain oats, carrie and big, carrie bradshaw, charlie's angels, chocolate, chris masterson, classic rock, cry-baby, daniel radcliffe, danny masterson, daria, detroit red wings, elvis presley, emma watson, eric foreman, ewan mcgregor, family, family guy, fan fiction, fangirling icons, frank sinatra, friends, futurama, gilmore girls, hal sparks, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry/ginny, hoodies, html, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, icon making, icons, jackie/hyde, jason mraz, jk rowling, joey lawrence, johnny depp, jones soda, julia stiles, kristin chenoweth, lauren graham, love actually, luke/lorelai, makeup, marilyn monroe, mila kunis, moulin rouge, movie theatres, movies, music, musical theatre, musicals, my dog, newsies, old movies, order of the pheonix, peacoats, peter gallagher, photography, pinstripes, pirates of the caribbean, rachel bilson, randomosity, reading, reese witherspoon, roman holiday, ron/hermione, rooney, rupert grint, sandra bullock, saturday night live, scott patterson, seth and summer, seth cohen, sex and the city, shoebox project, shopping, singing, sixteen candles, sleeping, snl, south park, spongebob squarepants, star wars, summer, talking, television, television without pity, that 70s show, the beatles, the o.c., the oc, the princess bride, thursday (sbp day!), tina fey, topher grace, white chocolate, writing