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A historic mansion on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue Gold Coast is in contract for $75 million — which would be the highest price ever paid for a co-op in the city, The Post has learned. The buyer of 828 Fifth Ave. is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and his stunning baby mama, Dasha Zhukova, a source said. The couple had been secretly eyeing the city’s top-priced town houses for the past year. They have two US-born children. Abramovich has five more with his ex-wife. The current record co-op price is the $54 million David Geffen paid for socialite Denise Rich’s pad at 785 Fifth Ave.

Россиянчеги, как всегда, злобно завидуют успеху талантливого самородка:

- Хуита. Даже обои не поклеены. А еще миллиардер.
- Потолок - то подозрительный, облезлый. не иначе - алкаши сверху затопили.
- А эта гипсокартонная китайская лепнина - вообще безвкусица.
- а что делать? надо же както трещины в станах прикрыть, а то чукотские пацаны в "одноклассниках" засмеют.

Омерике песдетс.
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