Latest WitchCraft-session

During our latest WitchCraft-game, the players got themselves into jail and out again.

Remember when I said they went graverobbing and stole a mystic amulet? Well, since none of the players read this journal, I'll tell you some secrets. The bad guys are tracking the amulet. And they really don't want it to be taken away from the island. So what do they do? They call the police, of course! "I'm sorry sir, but there's been someone vandalising the graveyard... I think they looked something like this..."

So the players got taken in for questioning, together with a couple of random NPCs. Of course the four individual characters (they didn't question the cat) told four different stories about what they had done and when the previous night. Thus the police got a bit suspicious, and put them in holding cells to keep them in one place while they investigated further. Unfortunately (for the police) the players decided they didn't want to stay put, and so they made a break for it. In a pretty violent manner. No one died though... thankfully.

They ran away to the house where they knew the man lives who told the police about them. He wasn't home, so they hid in his garage. Which started to burn. It burned most violently. Did I mention that the bad guys are tracking the amulet? A fire elemental paid a visit to the place, but they managed to get away with their lives.

What next for our adventurers? Well, they did have all these spooky dreams about an old Victorian manorhouse, and they did notice that it was buildt over a leyline and that it felt weird and that a person lives there who seems to be involved in this whole adventure... so they knocked on his door and got invited into the parlour for some coffee.

And there the players had to leave for the bus.
To be continued.

Look who's back, back again

So, a comment from a reader (!) reminded me about this place. Maybe it's time to (gasp) post again?

What's going on, gaming-wise? Well, I'm still playing my Malkavian in the LARP, though she has advanced from ghoul to a free Neonate. Here she is, no longer Jouét but Joy de Vivré. She's still a sick little puppy. I like to have her in a perfectly ordinary conversation, chirping and bubbling with a girlishly airheaded voice, and then slip in a mention of amputation fetisches here or a story about pedophilia and torture there. And then giggle and continue with a compliment on someone's dress or hair.


I still play WitchCraft as well, but with a new group. Right now the constellation is as follows;
Thomas, my significant other, plays Jeff Jarrett Junior (or Triple Jay), a veteran from the US Army and a "regular" magic healer (lesser Gifted). Trip is a nice guy, always looking out for the group and for his cat (more about him further down).
Jesper (from the old group) plays Rodrigues, his old character: a blonde and blue-eyed latino who served under Triple Jay and is wanted by the police. Rodrigues is a Psychic and enjoys tossing things around with his mind. He's also very good-hearted, and recieves omens (plot hooks) every now and then.
Wulff plays Mr Snuggles, a cruel and cynical kitty cat who just happens to be a powerful Psychic who specialises in mind control (a Bast). He is usually pretending to be Triple Jay's pet. Or maybe the other way around.
Ted portrays our residential horny necromantic, Ian Locksley. Ian is always dependable. You can depend on him to be chasing girls, you can depend on him to steal bodyparts from dead people, you can depend on him to do anything for a cup of coffee...
And our newest addition to the group is Jesper's brother Patrick, who's for the last session played a P.I. named George Stewart. George is another lesser Gifted, with magical powers suited to his line of work. I harbor a suspicion that I'll regret allowing him the merit "Hard to kill" as well.

Our band of brave compatriots met at a convention for magic users, held in Belfast. They got involved with a ghost out for revenge and managed to piss off the mightiest coven of witches in the entire country, called Morrigan's Crows. With some help from a Bast called Murphy, the local vampire Finlay and a couple of techno-mages using the handle Gogoolplex, they eventually solved the case - but got themselves thrown of the entire island in the process. Morrigan's Crows chased them all the way to the airport in Dublin, but thankfully for our little coven, they got on a plane just in time.

However, as they made their way over the Atlantic, Rodrigues fell asleep and dreamt about thirteen women standing in a circle around a small fire. Smoke rose from the fire and created clouds... and wind... and rain... Thunder and lightning rocked the plane, and after a few hits the tiny passenger plane made an emergency landing on a small island outside of southern Wales. Gee, they don't seem to have a lot of luck when it comes to islands, do they? Or maybe it was lucky for them - at least they didn't land in the water. Triple Jay got a chance to test out his magical shield, as did Snuggles and Rodrigues. When it comes to this particular type of injury, Trip has a definite advantage. Still, everyone managed to walk on his own two (or four) feet away from the plane.

The storm is still raging, and most of the band have started to have weird dreams again. Dreams of death and mumification, of old Victorian mansions and of a grave. Last time they went graverobbing and dug up a strange medallion with signs from several magic traditions on it. If they only understood exactly what it means... and why did Ian start walking in his sleep when he had it? Who lives in the old mansion on the outskirts of the little town? Did the green flubber-like tree spirit mean anything when it kept staring at them? (No, it didn't).

Answers to these questions and more (like will Ian ever get laid?) will hopefully be posted as I find out.

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Popular RP and a WTF?

I found a place called /edited to not name names/ a while ago, which basically seems to be a chat where you can create your own rooms, run your own games, chat with others and well, RP to your heart's content. I've found several really good roleplayers there as well, with thought-out characters, good spelling and interesting plots.

Too bad that for every good one, I find ten of these.
Hi im {insert name here}. Im a vampire that loves to suck your blood and go on a hunting spree at night.Im living alone but normally im always alone because i had someone but i scared him off with my vampire teeth and i almost killed him.I would love to meet other vampires but unfortunately i don't make friends real easily cause i come off as a bitch so watch out.

Oh. I see. Now can someone please stop my eyes from bleeding?

Also, apparently I'm a very abnormal roleplayer. I've played for eleven years now IRL, both tabletop and LARP's and a very few games over the internet. Recent events IRL left me bored and I started searching for online games again - but no one, absolutely no one seems to share my interests. I haven't found a single Discworld RPG online. No Hellblazer that isn't tainted by that abominable mistake with palm trees and Keanu. No one wants to play in Fionavar or Tigana. No, everywhere I go it's Harry Potter, Inu Yasha, Harry Potter, Inu Yasha, Harry Potter, Bleach, Harry Potter, Buffy, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Inu Yasha, Harry Potter, X-men movieverse, Harry Potter... Can anyone tell me where to find some more unusual games? Sandman RPG? Belgarion RPG? American Gods?
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Wrath of Khan

Days like this make me proud to be a geek.

For some reason, I've never watched much Star Trek. But I know that there are some things that I really ought to see. So today I watched Wrath of Khan.

I'm not ashamed to say I cried a little.
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Music and mood

I'm currently playing a Malkavian's toy in our Camarilla LARP. I must admit I didn't think too much about her prior to playing, and I really should have put more work into creating a background. She seems to be working out just fine, though.

I think it's fascinating the way you can explore and find out things about a character that you're not quite sure if you yourself put there or not. Jouet (that's her name, Babelfish tells me it's French for toy) just might be one of those characters. I'd decided she was taken as a ghoul in the 1940's, and during the evening I started humming some old jazz tunes. Something really happened then. Jouet absolutely loves jazz, and she loves the blues even more.

I've gotten hold of just about everything Ella Fitzgerald has ever made, I think, and I've been listening to it for a day or so now. I wrote a little dribble about Jouet a few moments ago, although it's in Swedish so I won't post it here. Suffice to say that sadistic knife-stabbings to the tune of "It ain't worth a thing if it ain't got that swing" can be interesting to write about, if nothing else.

Oh yes. If nothing else, LARP certainly widens my horizons. I might listen to other stuff usually, but Jouet likes jazz so jazz it'll have to be for now.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

It ain't worth a thing, if it ain't got that swing... doah doah doah doah doah...
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Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Okay, so I've been playing Fur Fighters on my PS2 for an hour or so. I must say I'm not that impressed. It's a cute game, and the graphics and such are good... but why, oh why, is it so impossible to create a way of using the camera that doesn't torture my eyeballs and suck all the joy out of my soul?

I think I might have enjoyed this game better if I could have chosen a first-person-view or at least somehow locked the camera angles so they didn't swing wildly all over the place. Then again, since I'm manually in charge of the camera, I guess it's my own fault that I can't see a goddamn thing. I need to work the camera by turning my character around with one joystick, and then use the other joystick to walk. This is confusing when you have a problem with separating left and right. Well, maybe it'll be good practice.

If I don't strangle myself with the cord to my controller first.
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Yet another quiz

You scored as Storyteller. The Storyteller is in it for the plot: the sense of mystery and the fun of participating in a narrative that has the satisfying arc of a good book or movie. He enjoys interacting with well-defined NPCs, even preferring antagonists who have genuine motivations and personality to mere monsters. To the Storyteller, the greatest reward of the game is participating in a compelling story with interesting and unpredictable plot threads, in which his actions and those of his fellow characters determine the resolution.

With apologies to Robin Laws.




Character Player


Casual Gamer


Weekend Warrior




Power Gamer




What RPG Player (Not Character) Type Are You?
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Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score

Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Will kill for XP
Sensitive Roleplaying13.92%
There is no player. There is only.... Zuul.
GM Experience47.83%
Puts the players through the wringer
Systems Knowledge93.36%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka48.28%
Has interesting conversations in public
You are 55.99% pure
Average Score: 68.8%

Now I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing.
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Last nights game of WitchCraft went well (or is that last night's game? I study grammar, I should know these things by now).

This is the first story we're playing in this game ever. I recently got the book and cobbled a group together. We were going to be four players, but one recently got booted from the group for failing to show up four times in a row. Seriously, I'm fine with someone forgetting one or two times, but four in a row is unreasonable - especially when the player in question never answers his phone. Still, we've got a good group at the moment, and as soon as they're finished with their current mission I'll add one new player to the mix and hope things will continue being good.

At the moment, we have the player's little posse in a small town in Colorado. I know next to nothing about the state, so I'm basically making things up as I go along, but then neither does any of my players since we're all from Sweden. Anyway, they are a con-group who usually scams people into paying for exorcism by using some telekinetic tricks, but since they got paid well recently they're not in need of any money at the moment. They arrived in this city a couple of nights ago, and as they were eating on a truck-stop a drunk driver slammed into one player's vehicle (his carefully tended HD) and smashed it good. They brought it to a local mechanic for repair and met Cassie Cooper, a gorgeous redhead with a bitter girlfriend.

As the players stayed in the city, they took more and more notice of the atmosphere of the place. Things feel bleak and depressed, as if the town is slowly dying. They got a really bad feeling coming from an area of big, gloomy houses (you know the kind, ten stories high and looking like shoeboxes of concrete) and as they started to investigate, the Solitaire Psychic got a couple of visions of a man in a wheel-chair and an argument ending with a red-haired woman rushing out of a room. He realized he was looking on with the eyes of a child, and they began to suspect something really fishy was going on.

More investigation showed that the city started going downhill about 15-20 years ago. The players got suspiscious when they found out that a lot of war veterans had returned to the city about then. Could the man in the wheelchair be a veteran? It was too late to continue research the first day, so our first session ended with the characters going to sleep.

Waking up, they realized that their magical energy - Essence - had started to slowly disappear during the night. The group's oldest member, the Solitaire Indian Shaman, had had horrible nightmares all night about a landscape completely covered in sticky tarmac. After a meager breakfast, they decided to find out about the Mysterious Man and began their search at the hospital, claiming to be college students from Seattle researching for a paper about war veterans (what students from Seatte, WA would be doing in Hicktown, CO was somehow not questioned, probably because of a tired Storyteller). They found a center caring for the soldiers, went there and continued searching. Outside the center they found some strange leylines, not naturally formed, of Essence. Interesting, but they didn't want to attract attention and walking around with divining rods drawing attention to themselves all day. They went in and started asking questions. Upon finding a photograph of the man upon the wall and subsequently finding his name - George Cooper - and an article about him and his friends, they went back to the motel they'd been staying at. The shaman decided to do some astral travelling while the hispanic Psychic thought it'd be a good idea to go around to the local school trying to see if he could spot what child he'd seen his vision through.

I pointed out that it'd be a bit strange if a male in his early twenties, dressed in a long leather coat, started hanging around the playground looking at small kids' knees (he'd seen the knees of the child, as he'd "hugged them" in the vision, but not the child itself). He agreed and started to "casually walk around". By now I decided to roll Intelligence, and gave the players a hint. In the vision and in the photograph, the man had looked about the same, and the photograph was from 1989.
It made my evening to see the looks on their faces.
Anyway, the Psychic made his way back to the motel, where the shaman had performed a Cleansing and returned a state of normality to their room. It was by now the only place in the town where the players' Essence didn't constantly leak from them. They checked the phone directory, and found that - *gasp* - the mechanic Cassie's full name was Cassandra Cooper! Coincidence? They decided not, and the shaman tried again to break through to the astral plane, his earlier projection failing. This time he made it, and quickly flew through the city to check on the redhaired beauty. She was in her shop, and he went to check on the unnatural Essence lines instead, around the concrete houses the players had found to be tainted earlier in the game. It took a toll on his Essence, but he found the layout of the lines to be a huge triangle. He quickly returned to his body before it leached all his energy away and told the others of his find.

After some quick exercises in geometry, they found the center of the triangle and decided to go questing. Last night ended with the players finding an A. Cooper living close to the center of the area, and next time will hopefully bring the conclusion of events.

It's great, playing with a group again. It's been quite a while since the last time. I hope this group will stick together, I really enjoy practicing my Storyteller-skills.

Link of the day: Errant Story, with elves and assassins and a demon cat. Mildly NSFW (but hey, if you're at work, what are you doing on LJ? Huh? Huh?)
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