Look, I cleaned my room!!!

Well, a quarter of it, to be exact. But it's a big quarter - my futonsand desk. Hung out and aired/beat the heck out of three futons (two shikibuton and one kakebuton), washed three blankets (the light one from home, a fuzzy one and a down one), two pilow cases, bedsheet and all the clothes that have been piling up, the lugged the blankets and bedsheet to the laundromat to tumble dry.

Halfway through.

As a reward, I get to gorogoroto my heart's content on a freshly washed bedsheet on fluffed up futons.

干したばかりの布団に洗ったばかりのシーツにゴロゴロ放題タイー厶!☆ なんてプチ贅沢!私、幸せ者!!!(≧∇≦)♥ きゃーっ!!!


The first thought that crossed my mind when I woke up was, "Who on earth is Handa-kun?"

Towards the end of my dream (can't remember the first part but I know I had it), I was in a car with several other female colleagues. (It was a taxi? The driver was male.)

I was wearing blue gloves, a long sleeved shirt and sweater and had my sleeves folded up for work. It was after hours so I shook them loose so they ended up almost covering my hands completely, which suddenly made the colleague on my left (I think it was Hayakawa-san) very excited, as though I had a sudden makeover. She started squealing over how attractive my wrists looked (they were covered by my sleeves, so how????) and teased me that I should show them off to Handa-kun (whom I apparently have a crush on) and see what he thinks.


And oh, look what font my colleague found.


It's been four years already.

Was supposed to go for a meeting at Ootemachi today, but just before leaving Katayama-san said that I didn't have to go~ ♫

Spent today coming up with layouts for smart tv screens.


Got distracted by light diffraction.

Now staying back in the office to update LJ. (I've already clocked out anyway.) And hopefully sneak in some Tourabu, since I have no internet connection back in my room...
red-eyed panda

Hina matsuri; tablet decided to finally die on me.

Good thing we have spare ones.


For once I'm actually updating on time, instead of at a later date. Waiting for colleague to finish a meeting with clients (I managed to escape attending it) so I can plan the next course of action. This project is giving me a headache, clients can't seem to decide on what they want. Had a meeting with them this afternoon at Ootemachi (had a fantastic lunch with Kumazaki-san ad Katayama-san at えん), couldn't reach a decision then, which led to the brainstorming session they're having right now. And oh, I'm not shirking, Kumazaki-san said "The less people the easier to facilitate." - so I'm just following what she said~
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Surprisingly okay day for a Monday.

Spent most of the day typing out minutes of last week's meeting I recorded - I really hate this work. Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if it was in English or if they actually decided on something...

Had the horribly failed fried noodles I made last week - I boiled them for too long, so they practically became mush. The one way I found to salvage them was to microwave everything to a crisp, then eat. :/

And after living in Japan for 5 years, I finally bought myself a kyuusu - 急須 - Japanese tea with which to brew tea with.


Age is catching up to me.

I guess I can no longer pull off all-nighters without needing at least 10 hours of sleep the next day. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before 10 last night (while playing Tokires), then woke up at 8, only to fall asleep again and finally wake up at 13:30. Was raining the whole day, was supposed to meet up with Edo and other Malaysians for dinner, but we all got lazy XD;

Reread Kazuaki's Kaiyorihito kaiyorishiki while drinking hot cocoa~


Tomorrow's a holiday!

After buying cheese, French bread and hot cake mix to add to the leftover carrot-potato-onion-chicken-tomato mix (the hot cake mix wasn't mixed in) from OK supermarket, I actually felt sleepy enough to sleep before midnight.

But woke up with a start at 2:45 from a dream of living in a voice-activated room in Japan; coming out from my shower, I instructed the room to dim the lights and open the windows, when a screen flashed saying something with the gist of "You might want to check your security settings, your room might have been intruded" - and showed me a recording a of a sunglassed, black capped person in black taking away what looked like my black Uniqlo jacket - in which were my wallet and (if I hadn't taken it out) handphone. I remember feeling my heart turn to ice, and the first thing I thought was, "Shit, my residence card is in my wallet!" ...so realistic. I ran to open the door even though I was half-dressed with my towel around my neck and thankfully woke up.

(Thinking about it now, it might not have been my jacket, but the power of suggestion...)

And this morning, the surface of the pond in Yoyogi Park was frozen over, except for the area reached by the fountain! So cool! (pun intended) *O*


Lunch was smoked chicken and cream cheese bagels from Salad Bowl Deli~

red-eyed panda

The weather forecast has been lying a lot recently.

It predicted snow today - it’s been doing so the past few days, but no snow at all! (There’s a bit of frost on the ground, but that doesn’t count.)

And my boss bought an Oculus DK2.


Helped Matsuzaki-san install it since the directions were written in English. It was frustrating trying to get it to work at first, but we somehow succeeded in getting ourselves into (and seasick) the world of VR. @_@;;;

Is also Gotou-san’s birthday today; she got such a nice mango and strawberry cake! Jealous!