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To the glory that was Greece

And the grandeur that was Rome

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I'm Natasha, I'm twenty and.. five words and one comma (I do believe in commas, I do, I do!) in and I've already bored myself into an early grave. I cannot write bios to save my life, as you'll be beginning to tell. Actually, I had a survey for a bio once, it's that bad. Not that I'm slating surveys for bios, though I am in a you're-such-a-lazy-mother kind of way, I have stooped to those lows as well. Ah, how the mighty fall. I can only pray that I gain an ounce more coherency and wit in my actual posts, but don't pin too much faith in that. Save yourself, there's still time!

Oh, yes, me, before I sound like a pretentious British twat. I am a pretentious British twat, I like writing, which I am atrocious at and I like reading, which I'm surprisingly good at. I like acting like I'm funny, but at least I can pull off sarcasm. I live on a diet of sad songs. I have three little sisters with I dote on (mostly), a really fat ginger cat and I live with my grandfather and uncle in the outskirts of London. I'm single. I did a year at college in IT, which was pointless because A.) I've already forgotten most of it and B.) I'm going back to do History. Now I'm just bumming around trying to make up my mind about what to try and do with my life and some money before I start my degree.

I'm a social smoker, social drinker, an overanalysing, left-wing, dreaming, fantasy-loving, agnostic, mothering, opininated, bratty, over-worrying, over-self-conscious but mostofthetimeoutwardlyconfident Virgotarin-on-the-cusp-of-Leo. I'm too idealistic for my own good and I love discussions, especially about politics and lots of philosophical shit that makes your temples pound after ten minutes of going around in circles.

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Authors: Charels Dickens, David Eddings, Fiona MacCarthy, Helen Fielding, Homer, J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Lemony Snicket, Marian Keyes, Patricia Cornwell, Philip Pullman, Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Tolkien, Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, Sarah Dunant, Garth Nix.
Music: Lisa Loeb, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Stabbing Westwood, Sublime, Sister Hazel, Enya, Finch, Fleetwood Mac, Barenaked Ladies, Musical Soundtracks, Cake, Saves The Day, Three Doors Down, Dido, Norah Jones, Nickleback, Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Dixie Chicks, Damien Rice, The Streets, Kristian Leontiou, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Jewel.
Geeky and overt obsession: Harry Potter

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