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Well, I certainly didn't think the next time I posted on lj I would be talking about planning her first birthday party, but here I am and that's what I'm doing! It's six weeks til her birthday and we'll be having a big party at James' parents house. I've said it all the way through but I can't believe that she's almost one already! She's walking without any help whatsoever ALL over the place and loving it! She says "muma" about 200 times a day (but it loses it's charm a tiny bit when she calls daddy it and grandma and granddad and the hover...). It's all going pretty good for us at the moment, we had a bad patch for a couple of months with the credit crash and James losing his job and not being able to find another for two months (construction work is dead, espically his kind because he only works on big builds) but he's doing lots of temp work now.

I also got myself back into college and I'm doing a Law foundation in the evenings. It's actually really interesting and I'm really enjoying it, debate and lots of English lit stuff! It's nice to have an evening that's mine and full of adult conversation! The homework is a bit hard some weeks to fit into everything else but so far I'm managing. I'm applying all over the place for a full-time law degree for next year, if I get it I'll get some great childcare grants as well, so I'm really looking forward to it.

And now a couple of my friends have come over and we're going to make our wedding invitations! I went ebay MAD and bought feathers and ribbon and bows and craft glue and pretty paper and cards galore. Now we just have to make them stick together prettily. The plans are going quite well, I don't know what to do for my hen night, but I found my dress! and bought the bridesmaid dresses and the boys have picked their tails to wear, so, full-steam ahead! Only six months and counting........ eck.

It's almost Christmas again, blah.

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My life is powdered milk, puree and picnics at the moment, can't complain

I've just finished baking a carrot cake and some honey & oat muffins. I'm also updating for the first time in a little while. I'm only managing all this because both James and Sophie are with James' parents watching a movie and I decided to have a well earned night off. Kind of missing them all now though!

We've got a picnic tomorrow, which isn't the first this month but we've been lucky(ish) with the weather. I thought I would come along and update with my regular Sophie picture post as well! I like looking back at these posts now and wondering how she has got so big without me really noticing! She's 8 months this coming Monday. She's crawling EVERYWHERE now, she can even pull herself to standing and loves to do it, she wants to touch and bite EVERYTHING and loves finger food. She can get herself into a sitting up position without any effort anymore. She has three teeth on the bottom front of her mouth at the moment and one just about to break through on the top. She giggles if you know where to tickle her, and loves it even more if you do it with your nose. If you say "kiss" and pucker your lips when you've got her attention (not the easiest of tasks) she'll open her mouth slightly and put it on yours. 

But best of all she says (screams) "mama" when hungry and I'm not being quick enough with warming her food. I admit I might have had a few tears when she did that one the first time.


Because I haven't picture spammed enough

Sophie is loving summer and it's so much girly fun to dress her up in light little dresses and skirts and sunhats. We've been for lots and lots of walks lately to lots of different parks with Cathie and her puppy Pepper and James too since we've been treated to him having the last week off. Which has just been so much fun. We've laid on grass next to lakes all day long under the shade and taken turns feeding the dog and the baby and teaching them both new tricks! And she's learning them fast, she's so almost there on crawling, she rolls all the way on her own and gurgles and screams in delight at everything and everyone. She's becoming such a cheeky little girl and growing up so quickly into this little person. It's hard to remember she came from me and was that tiny bump and then that tiny little infant in my arms. She looks and she is so much different than then already. And me and James fall a little more in love with her everyday.

She's going to be trouble that one though.

Summer has been absolutely perfect so far. I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather.
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Surprisingly Busy!

We have been. Baby and I are more into a shedule now, but it's a busy one even on my "off" days. Mondays and Fridays we go to James' parents house and Sophie gets spoiled! Tuesdays I walk around and go to two local mummy and baby groups, one at our Church and one run my one of James' mums friend. Wednesday we have a afternoon walk in the park with my friend Cathy and her lab puppy Pepper and have tea and chats after. Sunday morning we go to Mass, which I'm actually finding really calming. I love the singing! It's our local Roman Catholic Church and not only is our wedding date booked in now (Saturday 16th May 2009), we've had the Priest round for dinner (I got so nervous I accidently overloaded the menu with cheese. Shepards pie with cheese, califlower cheese, cheesecake and a cheese board. I don't know how. Don't ask. Luckily he was a cheese man.) and he's lovely and, most emotionally for me and espically James' family who are all varying strictness Catholics, Sophie was baptised in a beautiful, candlelit Easter night Mass. It was lovely and the dress she wore is from James' family and is over 130 years old. Bloody heavy though! There were THREE petticots. She really didn't like getting dressed up in that.

She's almost five months now. She talks back to you when you coo at her, she rolls over onto her belly but can't get back again yet, she's holding her head up fine and most importantly she laughs. I thought I couldn't fall more in love with her, but when she laughs with me! Oh. Besotted still.


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I have a killer head-cold from hell and can't sleep to save my life. As if I get enough sleep anyway!!

I'm being a good fiance/mother type and decided to sit at the computer, wrapped in twenty blankets AND James' fleece robe, so as not to wake the others with my sniffing/coughing/blowing and general moaning. Honestly, I don't know how I got through labour.

Sophie moved into her cot this week. She screamed at first (which we were expecting) and then when we put her in it again half an hour later she took to it like a duck to water (which we weren't). Friday she had her first injections and it was awful, blood, screams and tears! Tears we've only seen twice and blood never. I'm not looking forward to the second lot, she's been sleeping and feverish since and I've been even more worried about her than I usually am. I'm not quite sure what motherhood has made of me; I had to refrain from actually abusing anyone that brushes past her cot in a anything but totally polite manner when we're out walking and I have to get up in the night to check she's okay. I'll get better, I'll get less protective, honestly.

Everything is a blur now-a-days and I can't remember absolutely anything, I thought memory got better after pregnancy, not worse? I won't even get started on the hormones (James let me watch ten minutes of Channel 4's "100 Greatest Tearjerkers" and then had to switch it off before I had total meltdown.)

I'm still loving every mad moment of it. Who wouldn't?! She's a beautiful soft dolly-faced daughter. And best of all she's smiling and giggling now all the time! It steals my heart every time. 

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Forgive the incredable lateness, as always. There aren't half as many hours in a day as I need lately.

I'm absolutely loving it though, sleep deprevation and all.

I have become the ultimate annoying mummy though and to show just how much I love her (and a little bit because we fell so behind with all the emails from family wanting photos), I made her a photo lj, which is updated shamefully more than I update my own! I'm besotted! 

Forgive me all the exclaimations, I'm one of those people that get super hyper and manic on little sleep. I think it's starting to drive James up the wall, he might also be a bit creeped out that I giggle to myself for no reason sometimes?

I've just fed the munchkin and she's been burped and changed without too much incident. I'm going to congratulate myself that she hasn't vomited, poo'd or pee'd on me tonight (yet, it's amazing how much it doesn't bother you after the first time, I promise!) and go join my babies in the land of nod.

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I return!

Oh, so much has happened. I cancelled my AOL account months ago thinking we were ready to move out and our flat didn't work out. We had a few weeks of absolute panic and misery before eventually finding a flat that's perfect. It's a two bedroom first floor flat above an accountants in an old cottage, it's five minute drive from my grandad's and James' parents and on the same road as our best friends. I love it, but it's been a really long road getting here!

Thing is our phoneline was put in last week and our internet only came today, I had so much I wanted to post about what with pregnancy and all. Only thing is.... I went into labour on Sunday morning three days before my due date. Our beautiful baby girl was born on Monday night (19/11/2007) at 11.15pm after a slow but completely uncomplicated birth and I managed the some 38 hours of labour with only an hour of gas and air, at 11pm I was told to start pushing by the midwife and ten minutes later our baby came into the world. I escaped with no stitches or tearing thanks to the continual support of James and an absolutely wonderful midwife. She weighed 7lb 4oz with blue eyes and tons of spikey, soft black hair. We've called her Sophie Katharine Howson.

Bringing her home has been great and we've had more visitors than we know what to do with! I know all new parents probably say the same but she's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen and has been so perfect. The only time she really makes a fuss is when we're getting her naked! and otherwise she sleeps for up to five hours at a time and we're hoping she keeps it up!

She smells so good I want to eat her! I don't think it's possible to be more in love with something. :)

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Mmm, computer

Sneaking onto my uncles computer quickly to read my flist!

Have cancelled my internet for a little while, as James and I have finally found a flat and we've in the process of packing up our junk and cleaning and painting the place ready to move in. Not really sure when it's all going to be done enough to live in, but hopefully soon! I'm having serious internet withdrawals, but finding making our new home liveable really fun. As soon as we're in there we'll be getting new internets. :)

Also my bump has now "popped" up (I swear it inflates at least an inch every single day now and I have absolutely no waist!) and I'm beginning to get strange people wanting to touch me! Also about five days ago I felt the first movement and now bean is being extremely bouncy in there, especially when I'm settling down in bed! It's amazing to feel them fluttering and swooping about inside me, I swear they kick me when I'm laying in a way they don't approve of. My hormones have really settled down and my skin, nails and hair haven't looked so healthy in ever. I'm really starting to enjoy the pregnancy.

I also had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks back and everything is fine, baby is growing perfectly and we found out what we're having! We had an amazing view on the ultrasound looking up from underneath the babies feet, you could make out their tiny toes and the top of their head way above, when we asked if the guy could tell what sex they were..

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They live!

I seem to always start my entries nowadays with "Wow, I'm sorry I'm neglecting you LJ, I've been busy..." and this entry is going to start that way as well. :)

I thought I'd have more time to myself, but when I'm not sleeping (I thought the sleepiness was going to wear off after around 13 weeks, but apparently not for me) it's pretty hectic here.

At the moment me and James are in Holloway looking after my youngest sister. My step-parents went away, so we've had their flat and car (and food kitty!) to ourselves for a week and a half. The first week was pretty good, I think now however James is finding it hard to come home from work to be faced with more work in the form of having to help feed and manage a 12 year old. She's doing all the things 12 year olds do, saying she hasn't got homework when she has, faffing around in the bathroom for an HOUR doing God knows what when it's already past her bedtime (when some of us with an increasingly small bladder capacity need to get to the toilet!).

He's beginning to lose his rag with it all and thats not like him, I think he worries he's not going to come to the fathering thing naturally after the past week. I keep trying to remind him that looking after a 12 year old he's only known for a few years as opposed to his own child will be totally different. I on the other hand, apart from minor frustrations, am enjoying having some alone time with Lily, something we rarely get.

I also had my first midwife appointment last week at home, which was interesting. To be honest it was a bit of an overload of information. (The amount of gross stuff I now know. If they outlined pregnancy and labour properly to teenage girls the rate of pregnancies would nose-dive) They sat with me for two whole hours talking me through all the appointments I'm going to have to ring the hospital and make for myself during the course of the next 20 weeks. I'm sure I've forgotten half of them, but nevermind. They were incredibly nice though and reassured me that the extreme mood swings are completely natural and that the slight distance I still feel from the pregnancy is normal. They told me it wouldn't really start to be real until my bump really started to pop and I started to feel the baby moving. I'm so excited for all that, I want it now!

I'm enjoying baby shopping though, I've found the perfect nursery set and a lovely rocking chair (the one thing I really, really want for myself in all this) we saw at the weekend in John Lewis. Urgh, too much money, it was perfect though. James' mother has already hand knitted the baby two outfits, both with hats and booties and a shawl (I cried when she gave them to me, it's the hormones). I hope this doesn't mean she expects a Catholic christening.

I'm 16 weeks today and a couple of weeks into my second trimester. It feels almost like a limbo, the morning sickness has completely disappeared and the aches and pains are only occasional now, so apart from needing the toilet desperately most of the time, tiredness (but finding it more and more difficult to get comfortable in bed at night) and mood swings, I feel very unpregnant. I can feel the hardness of a bump when I push my tummy slightly, but nothing outwardly yet. I'm very impatient. I just want to meet my little person already.

Speaking of the only name we can firmly agree on at the moment is Imogen for a girl and I'm completely in love with it, maybe it's a sign that the bean is a girl. I'd like Samuel or Joshua for a boy, but James needs some convincing on them both. ;) What do you guys think of my picks?

Off to bed now as I have to get Lily up at 7am for school. She takes an hour to pick an outfit, I kid you not.

PS - Did anyone catch the final of The Apprentice tonight? I am SO ANGRY that Kristina didn't win. HE WAS A COMPLETE TWIT!
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Pssst, I really want to role play again. I'm rusty and have probably forgotten all my writing skills, let alone the fact I have no idea where to start looking for a good old Harry Potter role playing game. I just have so much time on my hands in the coming six months, as my Doctor has signed me off work already.

Anyone know any? Help! :)