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if you love something, let it fly away...

and if it comes back, SHOOT IT!

you plus me equals mess
17 September
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abortion, activism, amelia bedelia, amélie, androgyny, animal rights, anne sexton, anti bush, anti queer as folk, anti-emo, anti-fur, art, bahamadia, basement jaxx, beatniks, beck, belle & sebastian, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, bitches, bjork, björk, bondage pants, borderline personality disorder, boys who crochet, boys who knit, bracelets, bratmobile, bunnies, burning the letters distro, carrie brownstein, cats, chicks on speed, chinchillas, cutting, dada stunt girl, dar williams, daria, dead babies, dead baby jokes, deerhoof, depression, distro's, dried flowers, empire records, feminine hygene, feminism, feminist prose, feminist theory, fiona apple, fishnet, fishnets, francesca lia block, frida kahlo, gay porn, gender issues, ghost world, gideon yago, gilmore girls, girl interrupted, glasses, glbt issues, grrl music, hello kitty, jack white, janeane garofalo, julie ruin, kill rock stars, kimya dawson, kissing, kittie, ladytron, le tigre, liberals, making fun of republicans, making zines, margaret cho, marianne faithfull, mc paul barman, melodrama, missy elliot, mix cd's, mod boys, mofo's, moldy peaches, monkey paws, my first mister, my so called life, oswald, pander, paula cole, peaches, peepee's, photography, pink, pink hair, pissing people off, plaid, poetry, poop, princess superstar, printmaking, pro-choice, pumpkin, queer pulp, rabbits, radical feminist, ramen noodles, rasputina, reading, red hair, red-hooded sweatshirt, riot grrl, riot grrrl, san-x, scars, secretary, self injury, serial monogamy, sharp objects, sifl &olly, skelebunnies, sleater kinney, sleater-kinney, snow, stationery, strongbad email, suckin' on my titties, suicide, swimming, sylvia plath, tapping the vein, the bell jar, the donnas, the moldy peaches, the pleiades zine, the riot grrl movement, the secretary, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, thora birch, tori amos, trans issues, weezie bat, white stripes, writing, writing letters, your mom, zero girl, zines