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an angel with coal painted feathers washed ashore

16th March, 2013. 11:14 pm. *yawn*

no need to kill a cat to satisfy your curiosity
i'll save you the trouble by telling you it's all crap really
don't beleive me?.. well then suit yourself..

"She's a mystery, There's no defense, It's innocence, But she won't let you see, 'Cause she's a mystery........."

give _delphic_ more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Current mood: curious.

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19th July, 2006. 2:40 pm.

R.I.P Pinky :(
hmm a photo of myself that i'm running away screaming from *gasp*
i want pink hair again dagnabit :(

I've had a day of sitting in front of one pc or ther other going through old disc's and finding supporting email/files for visa app. and you dont' want to know how many tree's have been sacraficed for this mission *eep* so now i find myself with a pile of paper's getting bigger and bigger by the day.. i dread to think what the postage will be when it comes time to send it all off.. but it really feels like things are moving ahead really nicely now.

I've been in a bouncy kinda mood all day today.. it's been fantastic.. i haven't felt this funky for awhile..
lmao Claude (the cockatele bird thing) is rocking out to White Zombie with me.. go Claude it's your birthday go Claude it's your birthday go claude go claude go claude..
I must put more music on here :)

Current mood: productive.

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5th July, 2006. 11:40 am.

I'm selling stuffs Here and on E-bay (freelance_faery)
that is all

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30th January, 2006. 10:34 am. life sucks....grab a straw and join the party.....

things are just sucky all round. things just dont' seem to be moving forward. i've still no luck in the job department, neither has the boy :( but just now I received my welcome pack and first Modules for my course I have enrolled in. it is Restaurant and Catering Management through Thomson Education Direct. the plan is to do the study at home to gain the much need skills to advance whilest still being able to get a job and work and get monies and keep my skills going and what not... that's the plan. I am slowly building up funds in my Target bonus savings account. Seems as soon as the money comes in it's gone to everyone else before i even get a sneak peak at it. Things are tight, to say the least around here. David is getting jacked around with his current work, Dinah is getting sick of driving to the other end of Brisbane every day for a job she doesn't really like, and together they have just enough money coming in to stay alive, which of course leaves the rest to fall on me. I am only meant to be paying $100 a week for my rent and lodging's ect and doing the housework instead of contributing to the groceries, but it has not turned out that way with their current financial situation. I've paid for the last 2 or 3 lots of groceries, as well as taking Chewy Dog to the Vet last week ($121 + the $15 in taxi fares to get there and back). not to mention the amount of monies forked out for the start of the new school year 0_0 cost's a small fortune these days. i'm not complainging as such it's just frustrating as i'm supposed to be saving towards a car for myself, as well as trying to get money together to get the boy over... it's just not right that we are so far apart again. so we're all just plodding along as best we can hopeing for that magical mirical

Current mood: optimistic.

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29th November, 2005. 9:14 am. bored

oh so bored. so now i have a llama. his name is Nelly.

my pet!

he ahs a little friend Grebo.

my pet!

Current mood: bored.

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5th July, 2005. 7:45 am.

I've put my shiney TV up sor sale on E-bay to start gathering funds for the trip home. you can see it here it has 3 and abit days left on it and no-ones bid :( and oly 2 people are watching. *le-sigh*. so if you know anyone that's looking for a bargain on a super duper 27" LCD flat screen tee.vee tell 'em to have looksie.
The next thing to go will be the VCR/DVD player so if you know anyone that's in need of one send 'em my way. then we will be making a list of *all* the DVD's (2 shelves full) there's also a shelf of PC games to go and when the time get's closer all the kitchen stuffs and erm other stuffs.

speaking of home. i actually managed to get a hold of mum and Eden yesterday and had a good long hour and a bit talk. and boy my girl can sure talk now. they are caught up in the Big Brother thing again :/ They sound alot better than now, mum and John are getting better, Eden is involved in all sorts of htings and is really loving her school and has apparently turned or is turning 'goth', amusing somewhat. so all seems well there at the moment whihc is a good thing.

things here are just going along is all i can say. working 6 days a week, getting greif from the idiot owner, trying to find a second chef and just basically working my arse off. i'm hoping when i get back to Aus i wont have too much trouble finding a barrista (sp?)(coffee shop) job with bright pink hair.

We went to Durham last Monday. very pretty place. had a god aweful cup of coffee, climb all 370odd steps to the top of the Cathedral (and back again), walked *lots*, got major blisters on the back of my heels from my boots :/ got some sarnies from greggs bakery and sat on the grass on the river bank. some photo's where taken but have not stuck them on photobucket yet so you can't see, not that there was many taken, 1 of me which you can't see 'cause my knees look fat and people just can't take photo's of me :/ (hah oh so vain of me or something) 1 of Lance and a few from the top of the cathedral and of the cathedral. Next week i think we are going to try and get down to York and have a little look around. We can only get out and about every second Monday and only to places you can get to on the Train/Metro. Hopefully if we get this new chef sorted out at work i *should* get my Sunday's off again so i will have Sundays & Monday's off so might be able to get to a few more places, maybe even stay a night or 2 away (only if it's cheap) 'cause we will be able to take off Saturday arvo after work. and i'm hopeing that i will have 4 days off in August so will attempt to get to Scotland. I have the Friday 5th and saturday 6th of August off as Lance's younger brother's wedding is on the Friday arvo, so i've arranged to have those two days off and if all goes well i *should* have the Sunday and Monday off as well..

anyhoo gots to get ready for work.. yay.

Current mood: hopeful.

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21st November, 2004. 1:29 pm. It's nothing Personal

removing a few from friends list. if you notice me gone do like wise please. =^^=

hmm might create 'nother journal for communities and what-not

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