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rec, or be recced

I owe many comments. Rather, I owe many wordless, endless bear-hugs of appreciation, because I'm inarticulate as all hell and you people deserve better.

Especially romanyg, who is determined to stir my vegetative funk. *g* I heart her to creepy lengths, as everyone should. Tho' less creepily.

And since this lovacious lady has tapped me for the Recs Meme, wherein the three authors are recced then rec three others, I have my (inarticulate) contributions ready. And it's a supernova of reverence, so look quickly!

1. The last thing they need is another rec, but the Webrain (thete1, debchan, spike21) and its individual lobes have defined my ideals for writing. Their prose is inclement weather, choppy and relentless, enough to make you motion sick or sick with envy. Witness the kaleidoscopic activity of their Improv Slash, which goes everywhere all at once. And Xanderslut, in which Xander does everyone almost all at once. And Nightwatch, the fic that fucks you back.

* I cheat a little to add Daughter of David by Debchan, which is a taste of Caleb's becoming.

2. Yay, I get to rec jolielaide, the former Miss Flaming June. She of the eloquence and the violence. If you want gorgeous fic that'll leave you tasting blood, well. Her Wes/Angel fic Aftershocks is a lasting knife-wound. And her S/X demonstrates the macabre absurdity of the pairing, something the world needs reminding of more often.

3. And ros_fod, sweet Zeus, ros_fod. Her writing is paper-crisp, flawless in word choice, but always lush. Like an impromptu burst of calculated genius. No, really -- just check out her down-South RPS AU feat. Jimmy Marsters and Vinnie K (and sometimes Orlando Bloom), Never Been This Far, and supportings pieces here and here.

There you have it. My first (mildly) substantial post in many moons. And as of the 20th, I can drink legally, so I think I'll have a teeny party.

Um. Yeah. *dusts this place a little*

Could I stress 'inarticulate' anymore?
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