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nothing much

Sweet Christ. The CVS photolab has eaten my life. Heh, but I rang up a photo sale for one "Lindsey MacDonald" today. I bit my cheek to keep from giggling, because I'm just that professional.

Now, I try to write porn while nursing a White Russian (I'm taking babysteps towards my own Lost Weekend), but the porn's trickier than I remember. Plus, I want to hump Nick Brendon so bad it's making me have to pee, or maybe that's the other way around, but there's all this distance and circumstance between our groins, and holy shit, why is Kelly Donovan a guest at the Vulkon Oakland Convention? I weep for-ever.

Random Olympic note: Poor, poor melon-headed Paul Hamm. All that terrible booing. *cradles, strokes*

NB, I hate you. Call me.
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