actions speak louder than words

I *swear* this isn't a link to more raccoons.

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See? No more raccoons. *g* I heart you, Swm, darling, and I hope you have a fantabulous day. Despite all the terror. *smooch*

Alright, alright, so I kinda-sorta borrowed an idea from Hallmark. I'm still an excellent dragon-tamer.
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xander hohum


See, see how I have no sense of time's passage? I meant to thank you lovelies earlier for all the wonderful comments and birthday wishes, but then everything fluxed and it was today and so I thank you all now.

I love you all to death. And that's only a mild threat.

Bleeyargh, I'm boring. Instead of catching up on LJ like I really should, I will now go attempt to paint a loving, erotic portrait of surgical limb removal. Thematically like Boxing Helena, with substantially less Sherilyn Fenn.

Oh, the wackiness.

I'm giving the word 'all' a vacation.
liza this time

rec, or be recced

I owe many comments. Rather, I owe many wordless, endless bear-hugs of appreciation, because I'm inarticulate as all hell and you people deserve better.

Especially romanyg, who is determined to stir my vegetative funk. *g* I heart her to creepy lengths, as everyone should. Tho' less creepily.

And since this lovacious lady has tapped me for the Recs Meme, wherein the three authors are recced then rec three others, I have my (inarticulate) contributions ready. And it's a supernova of reverence, so look quickly!

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Um. Yeah. *dusts this place a little*

Could I stress 'inarticulate' anymore?
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b/k beautiful pain

the day of today

Well. Happy today. The best day of the year, without or without the apostrophe. Every day should be Halloween. And candy should be good for you.

So, I've been gone. Real gone. As in, I've lost two-thirds of myself in a metaphorical threshing accident and I'm basically down to a twitch and a frown, but it's cool. Still got a pulse.

It almost kills me to think of everything I've missed around here. Damn impromptu hiatus. I trust that everyone's reasonably well and that the hot same-sex action has been thriving. Yes? Yes. Good.

And now I feel that I've filled October's spam quota. So I resume the hiatus as my shit is got together.

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beecher sings

Prison dramas, more zombies, and music.

I. Fangirlsquee. 'Cause I definitely just got Seasons One and Two of Oz in the mail. I definitely did.

You know, Oz, the deeply meaningful (though werewolfless) HBO series? The one show bold enough to cover such impactful topics as shankings. Ass-brandings. Forced penis-suckings. And Adewale Akinnouye Agbaje's pectorals. Such dazzling things.

Aieee. Beecher/Keller was my first heart-wrench of an OTP; I broke my teeth on that shit. That terrible violent ache... It's still my most favoritest romantic storyline ever. Sorry, Whedon. Maybe if there'd been actual anal penetration on your shows, y'know? Ooh, and lock-downs and shankings.

II. Also. Shaun of the Dead is still awesome. It's awesome at this very moment. So awesome, you all should probably see it. If you know what's good for you. *shakes fist*

Wait, here's a track from the soundtrack -- it blends dialogue (from my favorite part) with music from Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel and it pretty much vibes for the movie. I'm using 'vibe' as an operative verb, there. White Lines (Don't Do It) -- it's not electro, it's hip-hop. Snerk.

III. And um. That ficlet I posted the other day? Here's the song that -- I refuse to say "inspired me" because it seems corny. Eh, fuck. Lions, by Tones on Tail.

IV. Uh. I have a crush on Cytherea. The person. Not the goddess. And if you know who she is, then you're vurry naughty.
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angelus dark (crackers4jenn)

A ficlet. And zombies.

Uh. My cerebrum has dessicated into a burnt-up little seed. This journal is atrophying. And on. Thus, random!fic happens wherein I mightily dick over a) BtVS Season 2 canon, and b) the logic of starting fires. For a good cause, I assure you.

Title: Lions
Words: 1,312
Summary: Lions always hit the heights.

'Cause we take this world by storm / We don't look backCollapse )

* Also. My brother sponsored a zombie double-feature last night. Shaun of the Dead? Worth every second I waited for the US release and every cent we (okay, he) paid without my student ID. Nevermind the paroxysmal seizures of zombie fear -- I bask in the warm, coppery rinse of Shaun's genius. Plus, Simon Pegg. Is gorgeous.

Now, I must download episodes of Spaced because I can't find Region 1 DVDs.

In contrast to Shaun, I felt justifiably shamed in watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I love Milla Jovovich with a fury, an unapologetic fury -- that singing voice, those dramatic caterwauls, the vienna sausage nipples. *C'mon.* -- but I also love cohesion. No, really.
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xander main man

brain of the dead

Well. Shit.

I was dead, but thank goodness for that groovy toxic chemical spill out back. *roars, shambles*

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Nightmares and the Angel series finale.Collapse )

Continuing with this post's theme, I'm doing pre-release recs for both Shaun of the Dead and Saw. And possibly Cube Zero, though it will suck. Eh.

When is it too late to respond to comments? I don't want to be creepy and surprise!I'm-still-dwelling-over-this-casual-thing-you-said-to-me, but I hate looking ungrateful. Because I love, oh how I love.

Carry on.
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cardboard groin

nothing much

Sweet Christ. The CVS photolab has eaten my life. Heh, but I rang up a photo sale for one "Lindsey MacDonald" today. I bit my cheek to keep from giggling, because I'm just that professional.

Now, I try to write porn while nursing a White Russian (I'm taking babysteps towards my own Lost Weekend), but the porn's trickier than I remember. Plus, I want to hump Nick Brendon so bad it's making me have to pee, or maybe that's the other way around, but there's all this distance and circumstance between our groins, and holy shit, why is Kelly Donovan a guest at the Vulkon Oakland Convention? I weep for-ever.

Random Olympic note: Poor, poor melon-headed Paul Hamm. All that terrible booing. *cradles, strokes*

NB, I hate you. Call me.
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