Veronica (_deja_vue_) wrote,

The only thing that I hate most of all is saying goodbye

I still can't switch over from English to Russian. I still think in English and I can do nothing about it. Actually, I don't really want to do anything.
I had a whole month of fun. But last night was a tough penalty for it. I had to say goodbye.
Anyway, here is my England 2007.

58,34 КБ

Now I know all the dirty words in Italian (with a perfect pronunciation!), Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish and Hungarian. I can also say "I love you" in 17 languages ;))
The most common words of my English vocabulary were: "Oh, my Gooood!" and Fornication Under Consent of the King, of course (due to the buses that were always late!).
Sometimes English shop-signs amazed me. I bet there's nothing funny in them for english people, but for me they sound ridiculous:
PET-PET-PET! pet superstore
White Stuff (clothes... not white at all!)
Frame of mind. picture framing (maybe a tad too posh)
The final cut. (hairdressing saloon)
The Young Peoples Hall (no idea what it could be).
Cake Mistakes (written on a box. And I must say... the cake was a real mistake!)
I also have a small collection of English "jokes"... For example, a magnet for a fridge with a pin-up girl on it: "We two can't look good at the same time. It's either me, either house!"
Or a t-shirt: "If you think I'm a bitch, you should see my mother!"
Or the words written on a bus: "If only buses ran every 5 minutes, ran all night long" (it's my dream as well...)
Or in a pub: "If you are lucky enough to look under 21 you will be asked to prove that you are over 18".
And here is a joke from my fantastic teacher: "My grandfather died peacefully. In his sleep. So did the passengers of his bus". English humour.
I enjoyed practising bad language with him ;) During the break he always fucked off downstairs to have a cup of coffee.
I love English people. And England. Even though there is a shit weather. (not always!!!)

Hove. )

sooo cute. Mini Cooper.
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ready to play snooker ;) (me, my host father and a sweet boy)
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That's Mikey-boy & girls. He's such a legend! Our conversation the other day:
Mikey: Whe will u go?
Me: Where?
Mikey: When.
Me: When??
Mikey: Where.
His favourite word was "Wawawiwa!". (especially when he saw a gorgeous woman passing by).
Once he told me he knew one Russian word. I asked:
- Which one?
- Well, it's not the worst one in the world... but it's not really the best one...
- Which word?
- Писка.
And then he found out that he knew some more: прывэт and бабУшка. But for some reason he used the first one more often.

Che cazzo stai facendo?! Italian guys. No comments.
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my little brother. He's really funny.
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my family
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The Royal Pavilion. Absolutely stunning.
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Look at this funny thing in my hand. It's my guide ;)
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The Roman Bath
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Sales everywhere.
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